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Sunday, December 14, 2014

12 Days of Christmas Day 1

Today is the first day of our 12 Days of Christmas swap for FHFS...and we get to open 1 gift. My partner is the very Christmassy little Elf Keryn from Christmas Creations When I received my beautiful parcel Keryn requested I open my last gift first (the big one) So I asked our lovely "Queen Elves" for permission and they granted it. So.....
this lovely parcel was unwrapped (maybe ripped to shreds...not admitting anything here) to reveal this most
GORGEOUS table topper...
and it is just full of delicious French General goodness!!
Thank you so much Keryn for all your hard work and thoughtfulness and for letting me feel very naughty opening the biggy first! See I knew I was on Santa's "Nice" list after all!
You know a bit like when you were a kid and you unwrapped all the chocolates had a bite to see what flavour they were and then wrapped them up again! NO! You didn't do that....oh dear! I have shared to much then haven't I LOL! I am off shortly to rearrange my dining room table to show my new topper off to advantage and I am also constructing pledges "that all great care will be taken" to be signed before sitting anywhere near it.Very Spoilt!!!!
Despite all this excitement waiting to open our parcels I have managed to get cracking on a new Magazine project.....just a sneeky!
Enjoy your Sunday all. R&R for me today!
Namaste and Blessings,
Michelle xxx


  1. What an a amazing gift!!! Soooo lucky! Liking the sneaky peek.

  2. What a lovely gift.....and still more to open!

  3. How Lovely! I would want to save the larges package for last. Have fun with all your gifts.

  4. Oh that is beautiful Michelle! Enjoy!

  5. Your new topper is beautiful and the sneaky peeks look lovely too. I also love the quilt on your new header, it's gorgeous!!

  6. Wow and double wow MIchelle I love this table topper it's so you,Keryn is so clever,on and very cute sneak peeks and I am so glad you were on Santa's nice list,lol.xx

  7. It's gorgeous Michelle and I live your sneak peeks

  8. Lovely gift from Keryn.. Such a fun time .....

  9. Gorgeous topper there Michelle - Keryn obviously knows your love for FG fabrics!

  10. gorgeous topper - well done Keryn... love the look of your sneaky... some lovely fabrics to go with your stitching...

  11. A beautiful gift and definitely worth opening first.

  12. I am sure you can find a very special spot for that lovely quilt from Keryn. It is gorgeous.


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