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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Tuesday's Treasure with Melody

Seeing as it is nearly time to celebrate Australia Day this week I thought I would share a couple of Australian themed treasures I love. I don't have a lot of so called "Australiana" but I do love Arnotts tins (even though they are no long Aussie owned) and our flora and fauna. The first treasure is 2 plates my Mum painted for me featuring our very cute Brushtail possum and a selection of our native flowers. I love them because she painted them for me and they depict things I love especially Mrs Poss' because she lives under my house. The second is a print I have in my kitchen and I have had it for many years and I think the artist is Les Miller (it's very hard to read down in the corner). It evokes so many memories for me when growing up and I just love it. Sitting underneath it  is a bikkie tin in the shape of an Arnott's delivery truck.

Do you have any treasures you would like to share. Why not visit our lovely MELODY who hosts "Tuesday's Treasures" and see who's sharing what.
I'm off to try and sort out fabric so I can finish a project that is just not playing the game. Why is it when you discover you don't have enough of the fabric you love for something.....nothing else seems to suit. I actually was dreaming about this wretched thing last night. As the song sort of goes "Some projects are diamonds and some are just stones". As it is not the end of the world I am sure it will work out in the end.
Enjoy your day.
Blessings Michelle xx


  1. Your mother's paintings are delightful, so she was very talented too. Love your old tin too, and the painting is beautiful.

  2. They are all very special indeed... Love love the painting! Thanks for sharing them. xoxoxo

  3. your mum was a very clever lady,lovely post Michelle.xx

  4. Your Mom is a talented artist , just love her work as well as the other painting just delightful!Good luck with finding a replacement fabric for your project , I know that can be frustrating.

  5. Love your Australiana.. your mums' paintings are awesome... so the arty talent runs in the family....
    so glad not to be alone in the keeping awake at night about fabric!!! ohhhhhhh

  6. The plates are lovely. I like the possum. I also love the Arnotts picture. I hope you sort out your project. Perhaps you will dram up a resolution.

  7. Hello Michelle,

    Oh thse are so lovely,now I know where you get your talent from.
    Happy memories.

  8. Great Australia Day theme. Love the Arnotts print and truck.

  9. love your mum's painted plates. They are beautiful.
    Something about the old arnotts tins isn't there?
    good luck finding 'that' piece of fabric

  10. Lovely items. your mother was a real talented painter.

  11. Lovely treasure's. The fabric does seem to always work its self out...dreaming about it is something I have done to.


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