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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Lunch to start 2012

Yesterday my friends from my stitching group decided to go for lunch to begin another year of  our special times together. Anne suggested we visit a little cafe at Norman Park called "Lash". The food was lovely and we had a great time catching up on each others doings over Christmas and New Year.  4 girls were absent but we will catch up with them later.
My husband gave into an extravagant whim when a friend came into work with these......cherries from Tasmania. When we had a holiday down there we bought a bucket yes a bucket from a road side stall and proceeded to give ourselves a tummy ache because we couldn't stop eating them. Anyway he decided to order a box (2kgs) which arrived on our doorstep on Tuesday morning. I have never seen such huge cherries and every one so sweet and delicious. I had to take a photo next to a 20 cent piece so you could see how big they were. We have such beautiful produce in Australia why are we not protesting louder about all the rubbish that is being allowed into our country at the expense of our own farmers. While our little purchase may not have been very eco friendly...mileage and all. I am glad we splurged and sent some of our hard earned Aussie dollars to an Aussie farmer in Tasmania. I think we all have to really think hard and check where our food is coming from and try harder to support Aussie growers even if we have to pay a little more which I know is difficult at the  moment to find the extra pennies but think about the alternatives.....pretty grim! My old Uncle Bill used to have a saying "if you pay peanuts you get monkeys" and whilst I too love a bargain I think we need to be a bit more savvy. I shall step down from my soap box now.
 I wish you all a wonderful day and hope that if there is no sunshine around you it is shining within you.
Blessings Michelle xx


  1. Those cherry's look amazing! Yum! Looks like you had a fun time with your stitching group. Have a great day, Michelle.

  2. AAhh good old Tassie Cherries - They are so lovely - We have a number of cherry farms in our area. I'm with you about supporting our farmers and producers - That goes for hand made too.

    Hugs - Fee X

  3. The cherries look huge and I can imagine just how sweet they must taste . We have similar problems here with produce and other goods being brought into this country at the expense of our farmers so I understand how you feel and we need to speak out as well as support locally whenever possible .

  4. those cherries look magnificent. They would get my support.
    What a great way to start off this years sewing group.

  5. ooooh... lovely cherries... we don't get anything like that in the shops do we... was it easy to get them sent?
    Nice to meet up with your mates.. but now I know it is not my fault of any weight gain??? it's them.. it's them...

  6. Oh YuMmO! We also bought some cherries from a roadside shed along the south coast of NSW a month ago... and did the same... just ate and ate them! They are the big ones the shops don't see as they go off O/S.

  7. G'day Michelle. Your post about those yummy looking cherries made my mouth water. Yesterday I bought some cherries at the supermarket here in town and as soon as I finish this post I am going to have some. Yum. Take care. Liz...

  8. oh i'm envious at the cherries. I'd happily spend the extra $$$ if i got cherries like that. Can i get info on where to get them please? I try to buy Aussie whenever & where ever i can. Looks like you had a fab lunch. Our patchwork group had our get together last night at the local pub. Hugs,

  9. Those cherries look fabulous (and huge!)

    I agree with your thoughts about supporting Aussie farmers and especially local growers but wouldn't you think the government would put a stop to cheap imports ?

    Lunch with friends is one of my favourite things to do.

  10. I couldn't agree with you more. Its one of the reasons I enjoy a Farmer's Market.

  11. Hi, I am a hungarian quilter.
    I saw this cherry, and is have a memory:
    My parents have a cherry tree, it is looks like as Tasmania Cherry.
    Links here:

    (Sorry my poor english...)

    Have a good day!


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