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Monday, January 16, 2012

Lovely weather for Ducks today

Well a little wet weather arrived here yesterday and has stayed. As luck would have it just as we were finishing our second day of removing some shrubs and trimming the Jacaranda tree. I have had a bad habit of thinking 'oh that's nice' wacking it in the garden and then regretting my decision AND getting into all sorts of strife with No 1 husband when he has had to be persuaded to help me remove the offender when I can't manage it. So I am banned without doing wads of research into what the plant will do. I even found a rose bush struggling away behind one of the hedge plants(very excited! If it can live this long without assistance from me we're on a winner) I also counted at least 7 orchid spikes with flowers while we were gardening. I love seeing them come into flower as my Nan gave me the original one and it always reminds me of her. We are trying to make a huge effort into making our garden more self sufficient so we can go travelling and not worry if they all dying or gasping for attention or if it will be turning into a jungle while we are away. Also No 1 Hubby can't swing a pick and axe like he once could to remove my mistakes and as I still love my garden a little pairing down has been necessary.
Beautiful orchids abound in my garden at the moment.....thanks Nan.
I did get some stitching done as well and I have a sneaky peek for you as these will appear later in the year and have to be kept under wraps until they come out in the magazine. I love doing these projects and I always get such a thrill when some of you lovely people take the time to write and tell me you enjoyed them and even send me photos of your versions. So thank you.
Sneaky Peeks......hmmm!
Enjoy your Monday everyone even if  it's a soggy one like mine.
Here's a little bit of truth from Paul Wilson's "Moments of Pleasure" to start your week -
"Audit Your Joy"
"Make an effort to appreciate the positive aspects of your life as it is now. Treasure what you've got and you can count on much more".
Blessings Michelle xx


  1. We have a wet day too but in the form of white stuff , better known as snow and cold , very cold temperatures ,I decided to stay inside :-)Love the sneak peak , looks very interesting.

  2. Great sneak peak! Love the colors. It is just WINDY here today, and cold. No rain or snow, though we need it pretty badly.

  3. I don't mind a bit of rain if it helps the garden grow.
    I love jacarandas and try to plant them where ever we live. But not here. Too much clay and the roots would rot. I am happy to see pictures of yours anytime!
    The orchids look beautiful. Great to see them doing so well.
    I am looking forward to seeing your next project in the magazine.

  4. Lovely little sneaky peeks. Your orchids are beautiful.

  5. This is lovely weather for the garden. I don't do much in the garden but I did have to water the orange tree the other day since its leaves were curling up. I am so glad there has been some good rain. Your stitchery bit looks pretty. I have a few of your magazine patterns that I would like to make. My favourite is a quilt with chickens and eggs and garden angels I think and tea cups. I will go right now and put the fabric requirements in my note book to take to the US.

  6. Oh I am so glad to hear someone gardens like I do... this weekend we started moving the vege patch!!! it is overcast here today... nice to be cool...

  7. 33 degrees here and 35 for tomorrow... yuk. Love the orchids.

  8. The sneaky peaks hint of some gorgeous projects. Your orchids are wonderful.

  9. Your garden is truly gorgeous [orchids! oh my!]. And I love your sneaky peeks!

  10. I Laugh when I read your post stating No 1 Husband..sounds like you have No's 2 &
    Your Orchids are Pretty..Noice Sneak's...

  11. It's been stinking here the last few days so I would welcome cool grey skies.

    I bought 2 ficus yesterday. Im taking bets on how long it'll take me to annihilate them.


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