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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Tuesday's Treasure with Melody

I am linking up today with our lovely host MELODY for Tuesday's Treasure. Why not join us and share your Treasure. My little treasures this week are two 3 inch glass vases. They are a beautiful rich golden orange although the photo is making them a yellowy colour and the colour seems to be between the glass...I can't work it out. Each has a rooster hand painted in black on the front. The reason they are so special to me is because they were given to my Grandmother for her 16th Birthday and then she gave them to me. I had always loved them as a child. They are nearing a 100 years old now. They still make we happy whenever I look at them.
Nanna's little "Chooky" vases
I also indulged myself with some Christmas money and bought up on some specials at the Fat Quarter Shop and I think I must be losing my mind. As those of you who follow my blog know I am not one to choose really bright colours to work in. Well not this time......I still love my purchases especially the spots but I have to admit I am thinking what the @#** were you thinking and what are you going to do with them. Obviously I felt the need to step right out of my comfort zone and I felt I needed a challenge......still thinking!
New fabrics and the photo doesn't show how bright they really are.
Lastly at the moment in our house we have a bit of a 'mexican standoff' happening over the little room where I sew. Hubby has covered one wall with a myriad of photos of his beloved commodores and the tiny built in wardrobe was chokkers with other memorabilla. Wait for it I threw a little hissy fit (I know I am ashamed) as yet another piece of Holden stuff did me an injury and so took possession of the shelves in the wardrobe and as I wanted another set of storage draws in the wardrobe (because I like to send you girls unscrumpled patterns) as well I convinced him he really didn't need all those shirts he insists on buying telling everyone he meets instantly where he has been and what he has been doing and he really should send them to Vinnies or Salvos so some one else will have the joy of showing others where he had been. He wasn't amused. Well talk about a back fire. He did divest himself of a few things which filled a huge bag BUT  also decided a some of his favourites jackets etc. (note I said SOME) smelled a little musty so could do with a good wash..........aaarrrghh! So the state of the nation is as follows - (a) I still have commodores all over one wall of the room (b) I have gained the shelves and exactly 15 inches of hanging space to fit my draws in and (c) I have a mountain of washing of the musty favs. I get the distinct feeling I have been slightly out manouvered....for the time being at least. However I will not give in until it is a commodore free zone and fabric reigns supreme here.
Have a great day and as for me I am back to cleaning up 'MY' sewing room and making my way through the washing.
Blessings Michelle xx


  1. Love the little vases Michelle , what a treasure to own . I am sorry but I have to laugh at the stand off , hope you win ;-)

  2. I think the little vases are beautiful, and I love the family connection.
    As for the Mexican stand off - I am staying well clear of family matters!

  3. The vases are just beautiful. It's lovely to look at beautiful things and have beautiful memories to go with them.

    I love the colours you have chosen - just delightful, so I hope you find a great project for them. Look forward to seeing the results.

    Good luck with the next move in your sewing room stand off. Cheers

  4. The vases are so cute. Love the fabrics. Like Sheila i had to have a laugh at your Mexican standoff...sorry. :) I do hope you win out as fabrics are so much more important. lol

  5. Oh the vases are just lovely.... how special to have them.... just the right size for little violets. Looking forward to seeing what you make with your new brights.... and good luck in the stand off... you tell it well... I had a good laugh

  6. I'd start a real stand off and start putting up Ford posters on your half of the room!
    Know what you mean about being out of your colour comfort zone, it can be fun though.
    Lovely treasures..

  7. G'dday Michelle. Those little vases are truly lovely.I do love the fabrics Michelle, they are in the color range that I would go for. I have always been a Holden fan, though hubby is Ford through and through. Before we moved, one of the spare bedrooms had Ford stuff in it and now that we only have one spare bedroom (not two like before)I have told hubby that I don't want it looking like we are the chief contributers to keeping Ford afloat,so luckliy all of the car memorabillia is in the garage where it belongs.Take care. Liz...

  8. The vases are beautiful and I love your fabrics too. Those vases look brand new. What a wonderful treasure. I understand the husband thing. I am just glad my sewing room is all
    mine :)

  9. Beautiful little vases. It's wonderful she gave them to you.:)
    Good luck with the stand off!

  10. Mr. P has a shed and all his crap lives there. I dont go in there and he leaves my sewing room alone. That's the deal we made eons ago.

    Beautiful vases Michelle.

    Im sure you'll find something brilliant to do with those out of your comfort zone fabrics. All of my fabric looks like what you just bought! Florals and pastels are my kryptonite.

  11. Such beautiful vases. Good luck in the battle for the sewing room. What about putting up a curtain rail and hanging a quilt over his pictures. He can always draw it back to look at them.

  12. chuckled at the stand off. Know the feeling about cleaning out. No2 son is cleaning out and finding stuff from no1 son so that is getting to me a bit.
    Love the fabrics!

  13. Your little vases are gorgeous and I can understand why you love them so much.
    I had a similar hissy fit with my husband just before christmas over my sewing room and he left - yep, literally left, packed his stuff and moved out! Of course there was more to it than the sewing room but my gosh I was shocked. Ours was over his motorbike stuff :-(
    Hope you and your husband get your sewing room sorted.


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