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Wednesday, January 25, 2012


HAPPY AUSTRALIA DAY !!! everyone for tomorrow 26th January 2012. Pictured above are some of my Aussie favourites.....especially the Aussie poets. These books are illustrated by one of Australia's great artists....another favourite. Pro Hart.
It is so wet here there will be no picnic tomorrow but we DO have Lamingtons and Anzac bikkies for morning tea. Yay! Might even drag out "The Man from Snowy River". I love that movie!
I also managed to solve my mini fabric crisis and have a little sneaky for you. It will appear in Country Threads Magazine later in the year. I am excited now that it worked out and is finished. WooHoo!!

Well everyone however you decide to celebrate our special day I hope it's 'bonzer' and you eat some great tucker and you spend it with your cobbers and get to do a bit of "Waltzing with Matilda".....sorry couldn't help myself. Hooroo! LOL!
Blessings Michelle xx
P.S. The little koala in the teapot is by Logan sculptor William Jones who I used to shifts with at out local art co-op. I have several of his gorgeous pieces.


  1. happy aussie day to you and your family also Michelle,i love your sneak peek it looks very nice.xx

  2. Lots of lovely Aussie treasures here -especially the poetry! Quite warm here in Tassie - so we will be heading to the shack and the beach :)

  3. Very ocker mate!!
    Hope the rest of the world get it!!

  4. G'day Michelle! Well, stone the crows! I reckon your post was a fair dinkum beaudy, Nuke! :0) Sorry ... couldn't resist joining in the Aussie 'slang'ing match! :0) Can't wait to see what you've been creating after seeing that sneaky peeky ... but guess I'll just have to! :0) Enjoy your day tomorrow ... I think we're scheduling a fair-dinkum sleep in!!! Bear Hugs! KRIS

  5. Enjoy your Aussie day and thanks for sharing your treasures. They are lovely.

  6. I hope today is not as wet as it has been, hope you have a great day, regardless.

  7. Have a great day.. quiet one for us I think...

  8. And happy Australia Day to you too! Shame about all the rain but a good excuse to stay in and sew.
    Congrats on the new magazine project!

  9. Are they butterflies I spy?? Will have to look out for that one, I like the sneak peak. Happy Australia day to you... I'm cleaning, boring!

  10. Happy Australia Day to you Michelle. Love your sneak peek!!!! xx

  11. Hi Michelle, Happy Australia Day to you too... So nice to catch up with all your news after my little break..
    Hope you are keeping safe and dry..xx

  12. Oi! Oi ! Oi Michelle. It's been slow going here today but Mr. P is just grilling the lamb rissoles on the barbie and I had vegemite for breakfast so I'm feeling very patriotic.

    I didn't get round to making lamingtons!

    Happy Australia Day.

  13. Hi Michelle , I hope you had a great day !


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