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Monday, January 23, 2012

It's in the Genes

Happy Monday every one. It is a very damp Monday in old Brisbane town this morning. I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. I wanted to share some photos of my eldest Grandson with my Husband, his Mum & Dad. They all went to "Thomas The Tank Engine's" day out. My husband as you know is mad for old trains so he was in his element. As was Master L.  especially when he got to have words with the Fat Controller and visit with all the other engines. I don't know who was more worn out......Grampy could hardly keep his eyes open in his chair last night. I think both train enthusiasts had a great day. So if you don't enjoy family pics you know what to do....
Grampy & L. it runs in the genes....

Finally! I've got control!

Deep & Meaningful with the Fat Controller (may be lining up some future employment)
Engine Driver of course!

Photo with No 1 engine "Thomas" Woo Hoo!

With Mummy

With Daddy
His Grandad loved spending the time with him and can't wait to go again. I think Mummy & Daddy will be happy to wait a while. I guess everyone is biased when it comes to their Grand kids but our boys are just gorgeous even after having a dummy spit 'cos we had to get off Thomas. LOL!
"If we could see life through the eyes of a child it would never tarnish or seem dull"
Blessings Michelle xxx


  1. There is something about boys and trains. Lovely pictures

  2. G'day Michelle. Great photos. My hubby loves trains, specifically steam trains. I agree with melody, must be a boy thing !! Wish it was damp here in my part of Victoria Michelle, but, it's not, it's quite hot in fact. Take care. Liz...

  3. boys toys...whatever the age!! So nice you are creating these special memories...

  4. great post Michelle,lol,now i know what you meant about trains,lol.xx

  5. my boys loved Thomas too!
    The old steam trains are just beautiful

  6. Gorgeous photos Michelle. It's so good to be able to spend those special times with our Grandies. I love those train pics.

  7. Good to see both "boys" thoroughly enjoyed it!


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