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Monday, January 9, 2012

Blog Anniversary winner and the weekend that was.

I couldn't begin this week without telling you where my heart lies. It is with all my fellow Queenslanders who suffered so much this time last year in the horrific January floods and up north with cyclone Yasi. Their courage to actually still be standing let alone trying to rebuild their lives is an astonishment to me. I cannot even imagine their pain and suffering especially those who lost loved ones and friends. I would also like to say how it gladdened my heart to witness the genuine goodness and kindness that poured into my home town and state from fellow Queenslanders, Australians and our friends overseas. It restores my faith in us as human beings and I have hope for our global family. So this is where my prayers are headed this week.
I was feeling much revived after my spot of self love and attention  so I tackled the de Christmasing of the house which took me all weekend I might say. It is however shiny and vacumed and polished (except my sewing room which is a whole other story). If you don't hear from me for a while I am probably trying to find my way out of this tiny room from under piles of fabric and other mayhem. Even though I love decorating for Christmas I love the feeling after it is all put away, everything clean and tidy (for a little while at least) and a new year begun.
All clean and shiny now.
This seasonal cleaning allowed me to finally use my beautiful runner and rose cushion I recieved from my lovely swap partner in WA Tarnyia. They look very scrumptious I must say.

Isn't it pretty?
My beautiful Rose cushion on the spare bed away from "Husband Head"
I also have a sneaky peek to show you what I have been stitching. Most are my designs the cute bunny is not and I am sure you know whose gorgeous design it is. I loved stitching this Bronwyn Hayes design...she is one of my favourite designers but I never seem to get time these days to stitch anyone else's. I am really enjoying picking up my needles and threads again after a little break.
Sneaky Peek!!
LAST but not LEAST is the WINNER of my Blog Anniversary Giveaway Ta Da! ALLIE from allie-opps Sweet Happy Life. Congratulations Allie and yes I can hear you groaning from here so cease and desist immediately and send me your snail mail address so I can send you your little giftie.
Another beautiful graphic from Mo at Rose Petals from Heaven
Thank you all for your lovely comments and continuing support and I look forward to another year of friendship, laughter and fun.
Blessings Michelle xx


  1. lovely post Michelle and congrats to Allie.xx

  2. Beautiful photos. Congratulations to Allie.

  3. It is a good feel to have all cleaned up to be ready for the new year. We will know where to find you if you should go missing. Have a good week.

  4. There couldnt be a more deserving winner than Allie. So pleased she is the one.
    Thanks for putting into such wonderful words what so many of us are thinking at this time of the first anniversary.
    Take care.

  5. Beautifully written Michelle.
    Congratulations to Allie.

  6. It all looks lovely.... hey... well done to Allie....

  7. You had me all the way down the post until I saw your winner's name, lol - I JUMPED, oh yes I did, lol!!!! And then I cracked right up about ceasing and desisting! Oh sweetie thank you so much. I CAN be gracious - honest - learning from you.

    I would dearly love to come to your home and just LOOK at every little thing. Your spare bed is too pretty not to be used...very sweet! And I'm very intrigued by the look of the stitchery under the bunny. I think you really are the soul that sees the beauty, Michelle! Your home and your designs truly reflect that.

  8. Love your little bunnies and the house is looking very pretty. Good on Allie.

  9. Congratulations Allie and thanks for hosting Michelle.

    I must confess to being quite relieved when I packed all the Christmas stuff away. My house feels so much bigger !

  10. Doesn't it feel good to have it all packed away and everything sorted? Great to see all the stitching happening, too.
    And well done Allie!!

  11. Beautiful post Michelle..My best friend had her son undergoing brain surgery for a tumour in Brisbane while all the flooding was going on.. she had to try and cope with devastating news and be evicted from the hospital because of the flood waters.. People are so resilient..
    I am so glad Allie won.
    And i too would love to see your house!!

  12. Congrats to Allie... she is soooo nice and so she deserves it! :)

  13. Well done to Allie....your home is lovely...

  14. Congrats to Allie. Michelle I love your stitching. I got most of Christmas put away. I miss it already.

  15. Your home looks very beautiful in all the photos, very restful and pretty! I love your new sewing too. Congratulations on your blog anniversary.

  16. The runner and cushion look right at home Michelle xxx


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