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Sunday, December 10, 2017

Stitching and Sausages

Our last Friday Night With Friends for the year on Friday night, with our lovely hostess CHERYLL from Gone Stitchin' sailed home especially to host us.
I had Nana duties earlier on but settled down in the evening to work on the stitchery on my Sophie block from Angels Story. Very pleased to have finished it.
Bit hard to photograph!
Earlier in the week I got the first border on my "Wings" centrepiece.
And prepped for the next row....

Yesterday my Mister and I volunteered for this...

Our son Lucas is cycling 2 legs in the Tour de Cure from Mackay in April next year, raising much needed funds for cancer research.
Being currently on life saving immunotherapy for stage 4 Melanoma its a cause close to his heart and ours.....hubby cooked snags from 7am - 3pm with lots of help from wonderful volunteers. Even his local member came down and gave a hand.
Yours truly served lovely customers for 4 hours and then did a handover of the Grandkids from there other Grandparents......
Home to Nanas to meet up with the cousins for a very welcome swim!
Nana included lol! We raised a lot of dollars which Lucas and all of us were thrilled about. We are all tired but happy and definitely.....ALL SAUSAGED OUT!
Thank you also to my lovely stitchy and art friends....I recently rattled a donation tin before them for this cause and $160 came out of that little tin....wonderful!

I'm going to check out other Friday night stitchers later today.....we are off to have lunch with some lovely friends first though.....
I even baked Macadamia and Cranberry cookies amongst the chaos....
As a challenged baker I was pretty impressed lol! Now to pop them in a pretty box!
I do hope you are enjoying your Sunday.
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx


  1. Well done to you both. Good luck to Lucas in the ride.

  2. You're making me hungry...! Great work for a great cause.. and yes, all the best to Lucas in his ride.. xx

  3. Great work for the cure......
    Wished we had a cure already.....

  4. Hi Michelle what a wonderful fund raiser for Lucas,great effort everyone.
    Love your angle block and i love your wings center piece,you have been very busy my friend and look at those sweet smiles from your grandies.
    Wow those cookies look yummy,wishing lucas all the best for his ride.xx

  5. oh my gosh you are a domestic goddess on steroids!!how do you fit all that sewing in as well as everything else - and baking too!! Wonderful fundraising for Lucas - glad it's going well...

  6. My goodness you've certainly been busy Michelle! Love your stitching projects and those biscuits look delicious that's for sure. Well done with the fundraising; it's wonderful that a lot was raised and that so many people came to help. After 4 hours of that and then some Nana duties, I can imagine you need a bit of a rest! lol

  7. You have been very busy... cooking and helping out at the sausage sizzle... the swim would have been lovely...

  8. Lots of wonderful moments...well done with the fundraising ❤️

  9. Sophie looks delightful. Great work on the sausage stall. xx

  10. Your family and you have had a very busy weekend for a great cause. How can I donate please ?
    Nice you were able to get some stitching and organising done.

  11. Congratulations on your amazing fund-raising efforts Michelle. You must be tired out! Those cookies look very yummy indeed. xxx

  12. Pretty stitchery, and I love your centrepiece!
    Well done on fundraising,

  13. Well done on the sausage cooking and fund raisinf, I hope the ride goes well for Lucas. The swim would have been most welcome after the sausage sizzle. Your biscuits look yum!! And your stitching progress lovely.

  14. Wow A busy time Good on Lucas for doing the swim and you guys for the sausage sizzle
    Lovely projects coming up there and isn't being a Nana wonderful
    Enjoy xx

  15. What a wonderful effort - and you cooked biscuits - you're on for SS 2018 now!

  16. I'm sure there was a lot of love sizzled into those sausages, Michelle. What a great cause and effort. Lovely stitching xx

  17. Looks like a productive stitching night followed by a very busy sausage day. Aren't they great fund raisers. Everybody is happy to buy one and support a cause. Well done to your group for such great work.
    And the pool cool off later seems perfect.


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