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Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Circles and Trees

I am kind of pleased with my centre block of my new design....which incidently is going to be called "Wings and Pretty Things "(c) The central Dresden Plate is surrounded now by little circles and all corners blooms are on too.

I am cutting into some of my French General stash of Josephine to use throughout the design as well....used this one on the little circles and will use it for the first border frame too. Even though I am hoping for the scrappy look, I still want a bit of cohesion if I can.
So whilst I wait for a block of time to get to my machine, I shall continue working on my Angel's Story blocks....
I caved and put out some of my favourite Gingies.....

They make me feel happy!
I have a little collection of Christmas mugs....I am sure a lot of you do too!
I have just about  finished my decorating...just a few little touches here and there  so I will save that for next post.......a little you love to decorate at Christmas?
You know over the years I have been asked why do I bother with so much decorating at Christmas? Well it looks lovely for one thing! But I think perhaps it's because as a child my Christmases were fraught with anxiety and stress and I so did NOT want that for my children and so I treated my children and my much younger self to safe and very Christmasy Christmases. My children both embrace decorating for thecSeason. Now when I see the joy on my Grandkids faces it is such a blessing for me and so worth the effort.
I don't dwell on those past childhood Christmas times......I have been so thoroughly blessed in my life but it did make me aware that someone somewhere finds the festive season a very difficult time......missing loved ones, ill health, in a bad life situation. Whilst you can't always change their experience you can always be kind and thoughtful and be grateful for your own blessings.
Just a little food for thought.
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx


  1. Your wings and pretty things are most certainly gorgeous. I love your decorations, Christmas is a wonderful time to be thankful for so much of life's gifts (even if its only a smile from a child or stranger). Thanks for sharing. Guida

  2. Wow how small are those circles....look fantastic. Your decos look wonderful as usual. What a lovely time of year.💖💖

  3. Beautiful start to your new project Michelle - in fact gorgeous! I do love those fabrics. I am determined to do some applique next year - it has been a while. It is so lovely to see all your decorations. I do miss decorating here as we always go away. I take a few special things with me and the owner of the house we rent always puts up tinsel and a little tree but it is not the same as getting out all my much loved treasures. xx

  4. Your centre block is beautiful Michelle. Love your new header too. Your decorating is lovely. I don't do much here, but I am putting up the tree this year and maybe will put some other things around the place, it is interesting how your childhood influences your life isn't it.

  5. your central design is gorgeous and so is your decorating.... you are too clever my friend.

  6. Love your "wings and pretty things" so far... and I also love Christmas...

  7. Your block is looking beautiful and I do love all your gingies.We had some decorations when I was a child but not many. I had a tree for my children when they were small but as they grew older I just didn't wish to decorate as we weren't religious. The past few years I have taken great delight in stitching Christmas themed projects and displaying them along with beautiful gifts received from other stitching friends. I have added reindeers to my decorations, collecting a new one each year hoping that future grand children will enjoy finding them and counting them. Well, now that I have my grandson my hope is happening.

  8. I love love love your block!!! So very pretty. Love your mug collection also. I have a Santa Claus collection that comes out every year. Hugs, LJ

  9. Love the central block of your new dsign. Just beautiful. Lovely decorating. Hugs,xx

  10. Your centre block is looking gorgeous.
    I enjoy seeing your Christmas decorations. We all have different collections and they all are wonderful. And of course it is important to bring pleasure to others.

  11. Lovely post the projects you are working on at the moment. What a fabulous Christmas collection you have!! I only remember happy childhood Christmases but we never decorated until Christmas Eve which is a hard habit to break all these years later when I (now) realise that it is ok to decorate earlier!!! You seem to have done a great job of reversing those feelings you had as a child.

  12. Your centre block is gorgeous...loved doing Angel Story, looking forward to seeing yours...x


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