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Saturday, December 23, 2017

Final FNSI for 2017

Last night was our final cyberspace get together over at WENDYS at Sugarlane Quilts Thank you Wendy for bringing us all together from all over every month.
So what did I work on......well....I built a little house....
Began to grow some lovely trees.....
And got little wings on an Angel and almost got her dressed.....
My Angel Story Quilt block....Harriet the Homemaker....
This little Angel is a bit tricky.....her sleeves are embroidered and I have teeny little hands to needleturn holding a teeny handbag. As it was designed for fusible applique these tiny bits are working my brain and the dexterity of my fingers lol!
I received more lovely mail from friend Cheryl.....a very cute Rudolph ornament and card.....
I think many of us have said many times how much our lovely handmade ornaments and decorations mean to us......thank you dear friends.
Today is "Pineapple Fruit Cake" day. I am baking two, one for us and one for dear Father in law. It is his favourite and I have made him one every year for about 35 years now....
My family don't enjoy the richer traditional Christmas cake so I go with what tbe do enjoy. Most Aussies know this cake from the back of their crushed pineapple tins!
So I  best get baking....
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx


  1. Good morning my friend we have been out bright and early and done our groceries so i will be baking today as well,i already have some greek yoghurt on the go,cant beat homemade my friend.
    Love your drawn plum puddings your cards are delightful,i love mine in the frame,now i can enjoy it all year round.
    Love your angel block,i plan on getting stuck back into my blocks after xmas ,and hopefully i will have a holly cottage xmas quilt for next year.
    Hope you and Gnomey and family have a wonderful xmas and a happy and safe New Year my friend xxxxxx

  2. Your Angel Story quilt is growing fast and in such a pretty way. Happy & safe Christmas wishes to you.

  3. Beautiful stitching as usual Love your work
    Merry Christmas to you and yours xx

  4. There's a pretty little house! I have never tried the pineapple cake - sounds like I should! Xo

  5. I love your beautiful little house and the trees, Michelle. Merry Christmas, my friend.

  6. Home Sweet House 😊
    Merry Christmasxx

  7. Love your house & trees. Yumm fruitcake. Hugs, xx

  8. Beautiful house trees and angel. As always just perfect work. I do hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas and hope 2018 will bring lots of good health and much happiness. X🎄

  9. Lovely work for FNSI. The teeny pieces do sound challenging.....
    Cute ornie from Cheryl..
    What a great gift for the FIL.. I make a honey 🍯 fruit cake...

  10. Now that's the way to build a house! Oooo I must start tgat quilt in the New Year although those dainty fiddly bits may be a bit challenging.

  11. oh... I do love a nice fruit cake yummo and just love your house....

  12. Another pretty block coming along nicely. Have a wonderful Christmas Michelle. xx

  13. Such a sweet house block! Yum.....fruit cake, definitely a favourite here too. Best wishes for Christmas to you and your family, Michelle!

  14. Enjoy your version of Christmas cake..
    merry Christmas

  15. Very cute little Angel she's going to be Michelle, and very skilled of you to needleturn her so beautifully.
    I must go check out a recipe for that cake, it sounds divine!
    Merry Christmas x

  16. You are quite the home
    You are very patient needle turning little hands... but if anyone can... it will be YoU.
    Merry Christmas Michelle... xox

  17. Lovely way to spend an evening of stitching. Good luck with the baking.

  18. Nice work, but that sounds ver tedious on those hands!

  19. Harriet's block is looking lovely...


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