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Thursday, December 28, 2017

Christmas Break and SSCS Unwrapped

We had a very quiet Christmas Day and celebrated with our Family on Boxing Day. It was a bit of a warm and humid day after the storm on Christmas day. We enjoyed our time together and of course ate too much lol! Queensland Christmases usually involve a swim in the backyard pool for us and of course silliness. Mostly by the BIG kids in the family!!
DD snapped an action shot of DS teaching the Grandsons the art of silly jumps! The rest of us were swamped in the backwash lol!
I think the apprentices are learning tooo well! All good fun!
I have been very happy this year to just relax....I reread one of my Christmas favourites.....
I really enjoy revisting this lovely story each year.
I have also been binge watching this......
For some reason I didn't think I would like it....error in judgement there...loving it!
SSCS GIFT has been opened.
I was sending to LAILA From Jacobs Quilt in snowy Norway. I made a wintery wall hanger as she was experiencing snow when I went stalking her blog! I meant visiting her blog!
The ornaments that I sent.......a touch of Aus.
I popped in a couple of little extras too....Laila loves Malteasers.
This is such a lovely swap. Helping to make the world a smaller but more friendlier place one stitch at a time. Kindness does create lots and lots of beautiful ripples.....
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx


  1. What an amazing pic of jumping into the water! I love the little quilt you made it is so you. Great idea revisiting that lovely book. I have Call the Midwife book and read it before the tv series was made. I love all that stuff having been a Childbirth Educator and birth helper many koons ago. Glad you had such a lovely Christmas Day.

  2. Oops, that was meant to be 'moons' LOL

  3. We had our storm here in Sydney on Christmas Eve so Christmas Day was grey but pleasantly cool. Your gift looks great and I'm sure Laila will love all the Aussie touches. I love watching Call the Midwife and the special on the ABC last night was 'special'.

  4. Looks like a lovely relaxing time at your place too! I haven't watched that series. Love the items you made for the swap

  5. Your Christmas sounded wonderful. Your gifts are gorgeous. We did a bit of Travelling. Christmas day started with a visit to our son and his eldest daughter. Then a little drive to Warwick to enjoy a great day with our daughter and her family...started with snacks and then lunch too full for desert...ate far too much snacks chocolate and chips. Boxing day was anither visit to our Son and his son. Really a lovely family Christmas. Lots of laughter but unfortunately no back yard pool...Do hope 2018 will bring all lots of happiness and good health.

  6. Such lovely gifts to open, and the selection you sent over are precious indeed!

  7. I am glad you had a lovely day, Michelle. Your gift to your friend is amazing! Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year, my friend.

  8. Your gift is very pretty.....and so very Aussie! What's the point of having a pool if you can't silly jump, indeed?

  9. Great pool photo, so good to see them all having fun. Your gift is beautiful Michelle, lovely to see the Aussie themed goodies heading overseas.

  10. Looks like the pool was appreciated at Christmas. Pleased you also had a chance to relax.
    Lovely gifts sent to your swap partner, especially the Aussie theme.

  11. Hi Michelle looks like the pool was a big hit,what a lovely parcel you sent to Lalia,hope you have a lovely day my friend,its pretty muggy here today xx

  12. Gorgeous presents for Call the Midwife, a favourite to binge watch anytime.

  13. Lovely to read your Christmas posts Michelle... oh I'd love to be watching Midwife with you! And all those clamshells are going to stitch up into something beautiful!

  14. The gifts you sent to Norway are beautiful - your fabric choice for the wall hanging has a perfect snowy touch! I enjoy Call The Midwife too - in fact have just starting reading the original novels. Also love that expression - Hleping to make the world a smaller and friendlier place one stitch at a time - just fabulous, I'll have to remember that saying!! xx


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