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Monday, December 11, 2017

Pleasant Valley Sunday

Yesterday we were invited to lunch with friends who live amongst the treetops in a beautiful spot overlooking the Samford Valley.....our view as we ate our delicious lunch.
 Currawongs seranaded us and we watched in delight as two pale headed rosellas perched in the treetops close by....beautiful!
My friend has a fondness for purple. So of course your Christmas tree ornies would then have to be purple! Not great pics but such a pretty tree.

It is so nice to catch up with old friends. I, however definitely have "view" envy lol!
I treated myself to a new ornament this year when I visited the recent Craft and Quilt show here. Beautiful cross stitched Santa....loved it! Made by a womens group trying to be self supporting.
Not a single stitch to show you  today I am afraid......toooooo tired!

But! Recently I shared one of my Christmas Frosties that I made with some friends a number of years ago....turns out you all loved it as much as I do! I searched high and low for the pattern and designer to no avail.....and then lovely JULIE FROM SIMPLE STITCHES came to the rescue....
Thank you so much Julie.  So perhaps check your back issues. The designer was Sandra Paull. I  do love my chilly chappie.
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx


  1. Oh that cross-stitch Santa appeals to me too, Michelle. It is beautiful. Your friend is up with the latest with her gorgeous tree - did you here violet is the Pantene Colour of the Year for 2018? You're welcome... xxox

  2. Hi Michelle,what a wonderful day you had,love that xmas tree.
    Wow the cross stitch santa is amazing and how lovely the money went to a good cause.
    Hope you have a lovely evening,Namaste and blessings my friend.
    PS your new heading makes me smile everytime i look at it xx

  3. What a glorious view and a beautiful place to live!! Fabulous Christmas tree and I do love your new ornament. Thanks for the info on that Santa pattern.

  4. I would have view envy as well, such a beautiful place. I found a link to the snowman pattern as I love him as well.

  5. What a view. Just beautiful. Love the tree. :). I had that mag. but when i had a big clean out of magazines i think it went. Oh well. Hugs,xx

  6. Fantastic spot your friends have... I can see why you felt rested after a day there.

  7. Love the purple ornies .. a gal after my own heart! Very pleasant way to spend the day.

  8. What a lovely spot to have lunch. Lots of lovelies to look at from the tree to the ornaments. Take care, Guida.

  9. Is that a title of a song? I keep hearing it in my head lol. Being a purple girl myself, I looove that tree. Love your snowman

  10. Wow what beautiful views. Oh no not a single made me feel a bit better. Have the Grandies staying. Not much of anything done here.

  11. Amazing view and I love your little Santa Ornament, brilliant tassel! xx

  12. Wonderful view to enjoy while visiting your friends. Well now I have never seen a purple tree but I have a fried who would love this . The snowman is indeed a sweet one.

  13. Your Christmas frosty is so sweet! It is such a great idea. Well done! And I love the Santa you picked up. So beautiful!

  14. Lovely to see how other people decorate. I have never been able to stick to one colour.
    And your decorations are always delightful.

  15. I think I have view envy too!
    Snap, my tree is purple, blue, pink and silver this year. I change its colour every year.
    My pleasure finding that pattern, its one I want to make again too.


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