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Saturday, December 30, 2017

Rest and Relaxation

The "Call the Midwife" marathon is still continuing! So stitching just seems to go so well with it along with rum balls, shortbread and Christmas cake!
I have been working on Angels Story and have completed Harriet the Homemaker.
Do you have to have a little preview after finishing a few blocks?  Me too!
Pot Planting Penelope is now underway....applique compete and stitchery happening.
My friend FIONA From BubzRugz was very generous and sent me a whole lot of gorgeous 4 inch squares before Christmas to contribute to my Clamshell Quilt stash....
I love to take the clamshell to stitching see I can talk and stitch and not concentrate as much lol! Well! I am a gifted chatter...what can I say! Anyway I have cut out and prepped a whole lot of my new stash all ready for 2018.
Loving the vintage look of my clamshells. So all set here ready to go.
I received a lovely surprise yesterday.....with Christmas days slowly receding I was not expecting any more packages....BUT I received a very heavy parcel from my friend SUE From Kiwikid. Sue knows Hubby and I are extremely partial to a particular brand of Chilli Jam only found in Queenscliff Victoria at a beautiful shop called....Maggies Kitchen Store. We loved just about everything there when we visited. If ever you go to Queenscliff, do yourself a favour....or flavour!
In my parcel was?? Not one but THREE jars of Chilli Jam......
Woohoo! Happy dance here! Taste tested already.....YUM! Sue also popped in the cutest gingie towel....
Thank you so much Sue....our taste buds are in heaven!
A little surprise in the garden too....several small spikes of this orchid are popping out here and there.

Ok kettle is on.....and DVD watching and stitching awaits!
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx


  1. Loving how you relax.....❤️❤️❤️❤️

  2. Busy as always Michelle. Just love Call The Midwife. Your stitching is coming along nicely. How big is thos clamshell quilt going to be? Love the fabric. You are very spoilt but so very well deserved. Have a great New Year. May you and yours have love happiness and good health in 2018 😍🤗💋

  3. Gorgeous gifts from Sue there Michelle. Your orchid looks stunning ! As does your Angel quilt progress :-)

  4. So happy the jam arrived safely! I like the sound of your DVD watching and stitching, I enjoy Call the Midwife. The clam shell fabrics look lovely. That orchid is beautiful.

  5. Oh I love Call the Midwife but I find I can't stitch as I'm usually sniffling....LOL.
    Your "Angels Story" is sew sweet.
    Nice to have your clamshells ready to stitch sew you can still chat..lovely gifts fro Fiona and Sue..

  6. I love your idea of your post Christmas bliss :-)
    And I love your Angels Story, very tempting!

  7. Must be lovely to have Orchids growing in your garden...I love the Midwife series too...I find I have to have some show on the computer whenever I embroider or applique. Can't wait to see this new pattern.
    Mama Bear

  8. Nice production line there ....that top one of the angels with the heart? Many, many years ago I made that as actual doll with the heart between them and usually have them hanging from above a doorway ( currently packed in a box for the new house)- so it brought back a very sweet memory as I made one for myself and a special friend at the time.
    The orchid looks wonderful - you must live in the northern states - hopefully we will be in Qld sometime this year as permanent residents once again! Enjoy your DVD series

  9. Harriet and her friends are coming to life beautifully!Fiona's gift fabrics fit with your clamshells very well, don't they? I haven't tried chilli jam and probably won't, because although I don't mind chillis they certainly don't like me.

  10. Your stitching is beautiful my dear. You have a lot line up there.
    Happy Blessed New Year.

  11. your blocks look wonderful.... I have yet to start mine but at least I have it ready! does that count????? yummy jam and glad there is some that is ok for clammies...
    Happy new Year,

  12. Sounds like a perfect way to spend your time.

  13. Your angel story is coming on well. Such a gorgeous quilt( mine is in the linen press) and I love call the midwife too! Enjoy the coming year.

  14. sounds like a extremely relaxing time! Happy New Year xo

  15. I Love 'Call The Midwife' too - one of my favourite series. Love all your photos - looking forward to seeing your clam shell finished, its going to look great..xx

  16. oh I forgot to ask - are you planning on selling any of your gorgeous 'plum pudding' cards - they are absolutely delightful..

  17. Rum Balls, shortbread and Christmas Cake - that's my kind of quilting! Happy New Year!!

  18. Lots if happiness here Michelle! Your Gardener's blocks look great...yes, I like to do the preview of my blocks as well - always motivating and inspiring :-) Lovely and thoughtful parcel from Sue and gorgeous orchids!

  19. Looks like you are really making the most of relaxing and stitching. Looks like a great idea to me!


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