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Thursday, September 1, 2016

Wattle Day

Happy Wattle Day fellow Aussies. Yes Spring has Sprung! Here in the land down under September 1st is "Wattle Day " celebrating our national floral emblem.  They come in many different varieties and when you see them en masse they are spectacular!
I did promise stitching. My August Rainbow Scrap Challenge block is completed.
The colours were mauve and green....misty mountain version!
Little background blocks have been cut out for my teeny hexies and papers removed.
All ready to applique down now.
I have a little event happening later in the year and I wanted an "Aussie " themed Christmas decoration or two so I have drawn up a couple of different ones and stitched this little bloke in Country Garden Thread "Mistletoe ".
I like how he turned out so I  may trial the other 2 now.
I will share my progress.
In honour of Spring arriving, here is the other little drawing I did on hols. I am not sure what this native is called.....maybe you know! But it was pretty and I enjoyed working on it.
I  loved all the leaves in various shapes and sizes and different shades.
I wish you a joyful day.
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx


  1. Happy Spring! We're hoping for Fall and cooler temperatures soon. Your flowers are very pretty, and I love the little bird you stitched.

  2. Beautiful wattle, Michelle. Thumbs up for the Aussie Christmas stitching, and I would love to stitch that kookaburra for my overseas friends. Put me down as your first customer! xx

  3. Love the kookaburra Christmas decoration, looking forward to seeing the others.

  4. I love wattle......unlike some unlucky folks it doesn't give me hayfever, so that's good! Love the idea of Aussie decorations, we see enough of snowmen; they are cute, but don't speak of Christmas in Australia at all.

    Now I couldn't swear an oath on it, but I am betting your pretty red flower is pohutukawa......New Zealand Christmas tree, it grows well in Australia as well as N.Z.

  5. Love your stitchery..and all you blocks..but the drawing is gorgeous so life like and sorry don't know what it's called...nice day..xx

  6. Love the kookaburra! Your art work is stunning and I have no idea what it is.i have a very black thumb so flowers? What are they?

  7. Happy September 1st to you too. I love your drawing. xx

  8. Hi my lovely friend oh wow your little kookaburra is gorgeous,love him and your drawing is is exquisite Michelle,always love your work my friend xx

  9. Looks like you had a lovely holiday. Everyone seems to be celebrating the beginning of spring and thoughts and activities are turning toward Christmas. Where has the year gone?

  10. I love the wattles but I am thinking they are the reason for my sneezes. I kept thinking I was chasing off a cold.... hmmmm. I love the idea of your Ausi themed Christmas decorations....are they going to be a pattern as well as for your event? I have always thought of that bush as the NZ Christmas tree and have planted one in our garden but it is still tiny and no flowers. Not sure why it would be called that since it;s not Christmas so I am probably wrong....

  11. I do enjoy seeing the wattles out and love their bright colour. Great to see all your blocks on the go. Lovely Aussie decoration.
    Welcome Spring!


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