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Monday, September 5, 2016

Some More Little Aussies

I have stitched up the other little Aussie ornies.....hmmm! Still deciding!
Mum Poss and gazing on Christmas Eve.
Little Fairy Wren...
Plum pudding...of course!
And I showed you little Kooka.
I am considering a little owl as well. I have several friends who love our Aussie owls and nightjars....
So I shall reserve judgement until they are made up and complete.  Fun exercise though.
On Saturday whilst watering my garden, I happened to look up into the large bottle brush outside my front door. Surprise!
The surprise is that it has never flowered in the 14 years it has been in the tree...yep! 14 years. So very excited to see it. I have no idea why so long or if that is normal but its lovely.
I hope all those wonderful Dads and Fathering men out there had a great day. As one who did not experience the best of fathering from the father figure in my life, I can't tell you what an important role you have. I spoilt my Mr. with his favourite brekky and dinner. I chose a great Dad for my children.

This year I can say that my heart is at peace regarding my own Father. I lost him when I was just 3 years old. A wonderful giving man from what I have been able to find out about him. Believe me finding out has been such a difficult task.
For many, many years he has lain in an unmarked grave which I discovered a few years ago as he is buried in my birthplace....a little country town a few hours drive from me. I  was very distressed when I  discovered this and it has caused me much angst. But recently I was finally able to place a marker and tribute plaque on his grave. I cannot tell you the peace this has given me to finally say to the world. "This is my Dad and he had a Daughter who never ever forgot him and who kept him forever in her heart, despite the actions of others"
So Happy Fathers Day Walter "Mick" McCartney xxx
Please don't think that I am being maudlin about it all as I  am truly happy finally about it. I am sharing it because I want to record it for myself. You also know by now that I try to keep my blog a life's journal for me as well.
Have a wonderful day everyone.....
Also big birthday hugs to our lovely friend Shez.
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx


  1. Beautiful Xmas animals Michelle, and well done for finding out about your Dad. We just visited where my Dad was from yesterday. You have a wonderful photo of him.

  2. Forgot to say, yes the owl needs to be owls!!!

  3. Beautiful embroidery! Thanks for sharing your story about your father and so pleased that you are feeling such peace now. Wonderful picture!

  4. LOve all those stitcheries. So cute. I love the owls too. So sorry to hear about your dad. It is quite distressing to find a grave that has been left unattended for so many years. My family cleaned up and redid the grave of my great great grandmother. Angel hugs.

  5. Hi my gorgeous friend i found your story about your dad very moving and i am so happy for you that now your heart has peace.
    I found it very interesting that your bottle brush has now decided to flower ,i believe your dad is happy also and i find that very moving .
    Oh i do love your beautiful designs and yes need to pop an owl in there,lol,thankyou for the call today my friend ,my angel xx

  6. Oh sad..but I'm glad that you have been able to "make good" as much as you can.
    Pays to look around when you are watering!!

  7. Michelle, it sounds as though your heart is at peace on Father's Day, and that's a good thing. Well......if your orchid took 14 years to flower there is hope for mine yet! We discovered them in the garden when we moved here six years ago and they have never flowered. Love the Aussie ornies, how about a kangaroo or wallaby carrying a Christmas tree or trinket in their pouch? And of course a wombat, can't forget our wombats.....

  8. Love the Xmas animals. Beautiful flower you discovered. Hugs, xx

  9. Your little stitcheries are sweet and I love the owl design. So glad that you were finally able to find your father. xx

  10. That flower is beautiful just like your stitcheries 💖💖

  11. Your little Aussie xmas stitcheries are so cute Michelle. How wonderful that you were able to finally play tribute to your father with a plaque - that is so lovely. Isn't that orchid beautiful

  12. Your stitcheries are delightful. A lovely tribute to your father.

  13. love your ornies that you are creating... they will be lovely. I have an orchid flowering way up the tree - it looks similar. Lovely story with getting a place mark for your dad... very special

  14. Your Christmas ornies are beautiful, Michelle. Thakns for sharing about your dad. It was lovely you were able to get him a plaque. xx

  15. What a lovely gift to your Dad, its good to be able to remember the good males in our lives, mine was my Grandad, him I will always remember with love in my heart. I love your little Xmas embroideries. Guida

  16. I am loving these ornies. The possum is so cute!
    That is a lovely tribute to your dad!

  17. Hello Michelle,

    Wonderful to see Aussie animals being stitched up. I am glad you were able to find the info you needed re your Dad. Have a great week.

    Happy days.

  18. I love your little Aussie friends - so cute! You have given a lovely tribute to your Dad too. I am so glad you found him.

  19. Your wee Aussie designs are so gorgeous, Michelle. I do hope you'll be releasing patterns soon. And I'm glad your heart is now at ease. xx


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