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Friday, September 9, 2016

Several little things to share....another Splendid Sampler block.
I  have 4 little Aussies cut out ready to make up to see how they look.
Fabrics chosen for September's Rainbow Scrap Challenge block.
I think I  may rethink the gold! Being a fan of the more muddier colours I don't have really bright golds and the challenge is to use what you perhaps another look through the draws!
Most of my time has been spent working on some special art projects. I  need 3 in total. I still am undecided on no.3 but have been putting the finishing touches to 2 of them. Here's a sneak peak of the first 2. I will share them all when they are finally where they are supposed to be.
Why is it that  the "deciding" is always harder than the "doing"? Hopefully some little model will appear in time!
Well I  must fly. I am off to the plant nursery. Yesterday Mr. R. and I  worked all day trimming, chopping and tidying in the garden. It has been so neglected, plus I  lost so many plants that usually do well in my soil that I  become a bit despondent about the way the garden was looking. So I  have  decided to go  with what works. Of course I  want the garden to look lush straight away. So a bit of planting this afternoon if I can unbend all those very sore muscles from yesterday.
Enjoy your weekend......a little thought from FB.
So love your do have one.......those who "get" you!
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx


  1. Well done with your splendid sampler and your other stitching. You will have the next SS block in no time...

  2. I liked what you have picked for your rainbow challenge. Sometimes hard to work with colors that you wouldn't normally. Loving your little Aussies and your beautiful artwork is always so stunning and lifelike. And I love seeing what you have been drawing Michelle

  3. love your block and of course your stitcheries and drawings.... happy gardening.... there is always heaps to do this time of year isn't there


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