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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Last Holiday Snaps I Promise!

Thank you for all your lovely comments. I  have had several people that I cannot reply thank you to you also.
I  promise some stitching next time!
We noticed some little pieces of art had appeared since our last visit and I  thought I  would share them with you.
This beautiful mosaic bench was just lovely to sit and watch the river from.
It featured lots of beautiful butterflies and some dolphins which visit the river regularly.
On our wanders up town we noticed a young man painting the picnic tables. We got talking and  he has told us several different people had done the art on the tables.
Luckily for you I can't show you them all because people were actually eating their lunch and picnics from them. I thought that perhaps they wouldn't appreciate me asking tgem to clear the table lol! I snapped a couple. It was hard to get a good photo thta showed them off as they truly were.
Most had little environmental messages on them as well....little reminders to take care of our oceans and waterways.
Some were painted all over and some just the tops.
This one was my absolute favourite. The bolts on the table were the whales eyes.
It had a lovely poem too...not sure if you can read it.
Just loved the mother and was so nice to see peoples reactions when they arrived at a table to sit. Just goes to show art and handwork really do cheer the soul!
That's all folks!
I'm off to stitching with some friends.
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx


  1. Good Morning my lovely friend ,i so enjoyed seeing these pieces Michelle thankyou for sharing i think my favorite is the mother whale and baby too ,hope you have a lovely day my friend xx

  2. Lovely art work and of course I just love the mosaic one.

  3. What a wonderful trip - love those tables.

  4. Love the mosaic bench! And the tables, too......what a clever idea.

  5. Such a pleasant change from graffetti! Those works of art really lovely to look at. Love those mosaics, so clever. No yarn bombing anywhere? That's another fav of mine.

  6. What beautiful snaps. I bet you were inspired and hope your holiday was relaxing. Thank you so much for sharing. Xx

  7. Painting picnic tables is a great idea - hope it catches on here! Beautiful bench too. Enjoy your stitchy time with friends. xx

  8. Fantastic! I for one love a bit of public art, and these examples are wonderful. The mosaic is absolutely beautiful, and what a great idea to paint the picnic tables. Let's hope that catches on! x

  9. People are so clever... I love the painted tables...

  10. How beautiful is the artwork. You could spend all day just sitting and looking

  11. Lovely eye candy Michelle! What a fun idea with the picnic tables - a subtle way to get the message across too!

  12. Oh wow. That is fabulous artwork. Hugs,xx

  13. It's been fun following your holiday and seeing all these lovely photos ...great ending.


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