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Wednesday, September 21, 2016


Two little Splendid Sampler blocks to share....
Fee Ransleys sweet little stitchery block.  Block 60. I so enjoyed this one.
Block 63....Icing on the Cake!
September Rainbow Scrap Challenge block is ready to be stitched on to its background block.
I have also been working on my teeny hexie flowers. They are now a pretty little mini quilt and await some quilting. Love them! I see a French General one in my future!
A few secret sewing things happening too.
Art is happening as this one. It was inspired by a late afternoon wander near Lake Hume to photograph a gnarled tree root in the water. A little Willy Wagtail decided to photobomb my shot. I had always wanted to draw it but the photo wasn't great. So I  have  used a little artistic license to recreate the memory.
I used my beautiful coloured pencils and also had a play with Pan Pastels for the background.
I awoke this morning with a rotten headache......but it eased enough for me to get the instructions done for L'il Aussie Christmas Decos. So the pattern will be ready tomorrow people.
Ok. I have earned a curl up in my chair on this showery old afternoon.
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx


  1. Glad your headache has gone - love the Willy Wag tail...all your sewing is so pretty.

  2. omg Michelle your bird is amazing ,i am in awe of your talent my friend,your blocks are beautiful and how cute are those hexie flowers,well done Michelle.
    Oh Michelle i am sorry to hear you are not well ,sending you big hugs and wishing you a speedy recovery xx

  3. Hello Michelle,

    You have done a fantastic job of capturing the Willy Wagtail. They are such cute little but so courageous birds. I often see them teasing bigger birds.

    Happy days.

  4. Woo hoo to all your projects. They are as always amazing. Will email you about the critters pattern!

  5. Love that Willy Wagtail, they are such funny birds! Your Splendid Sampler blocks are coming along beautifully, it will be such a pretty quilt when done. Hope you feel better soon, felling under par is not good.

  6. The heart stitchery is so pretty Michelle! I love your wagtail too. xx

  7. Oh Michelle your blocks are are your little hexies.
    The Willy Wagtail is just wonderful.
    Well done...

  8. The new blocks and the applique are looking lovely. Great work also with your drawing. I do enjoy seeing each one as you go along. Very excited about the pattern!

  9. Yes it was a cold and wet day here too.
    Nice SS blocks...

  10. Wow what a busy little bee you've been. Two lovely new SS blocks and love your mini hexies. Your Willy Wagtail is amazing - love his little pose and so very life like

  11. The willy wagtail is gorgeous. Lovely projects. Hugs, xx

  12. You just have too much talent lady.... And is this the third artwork you are entering in the art show...

  13. All the different techniques in those little SS blocks make for a very interesting project. Love the little Willy Wagtail. Enjoy a rest day, I am sure that there is always lots to do in a tomorrow.

  14. Love your Willy Wagtail picture... beautiful.
    Nice to see your SS blocks as well, very pretty.

  15. You have made some lovely SS blocks there Michelle...the baby hexies would look amazing in French General fabric! You Willy Wagtail drawing is just beautiful! Hope your headache went away and you had a lovely curl up in the chair.

  16. your newest SS blocks look great, as does the patches and your sweet little mini with weeny hexagons.... Your drawing is amazing....


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