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Sunday, September 18, 2016

Quick Trip

We took a quick trip to visit family up on the Fraser Coast....a beautiful place.
I never miss an opportunity to go out to my cousins farm for a cuppa and a chat....we have been great mates since childhood (partner in crime lol)
He grows delicious mangoes, avocados, lychees and another exotic fruit.
Came home with juicy oranges picked right off the tree.
This is Queensland sunshine....we picked up on the drive home.
Mr R. and I always love a walk along the historic jetty 868 meteres long....used to be over 1,000 meteres long...
Lovely view of the bay from the end...
It was a glorious day. Even the gulls took time out to take in the view...
I love the foreshore. I have seen so many changes here since childhood.
The bay is a safe harbour for the giants of the sea, to give birth and rest in the warm waters before their long arduous journey south. I adore the sculptural tributes here to these gentle giants...
So not a stitch was done.....but I  loved our impromptu trip!
This gorgeous boy was the vicious watch dog we encountered! Don't you love that smile! Ok I am going to try and smile about the unpacking and laundry lol!
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx


  1. Hi Michelle
    Looks like the perfect place for a getaway... somewhere familiar but changing too... love those sculptures & their meaning. You'll have your washing done in no time;)
    Your Splendid blocks are coming along beautifully, well done lovely piecing.

  2. How beautiful, that is a lovely area. Hugs, xx

  3. Lovely spot for a mini break. I spent a few days there back in 2002, bonding with my sisters after our Mum passed away. Great memories.

  4. What a great those sculptures!

  5. Hi my lovely friend,lovely post and such beautiful pics,hope you have a lovely evening my friend xx

  6. I know that pier!! We were there earlier this year. Isn't it a spectacular walk? Thanks for sharing those photos. And you know sometimes it doesn't hurt to go a few days without picking up a needle & thread :-)

  7. A lovely spot, what fantastic sculptures.

  8. looks like the weather was great for you too and a lovely trip..... your mum ok?

  9. Looks & sounds like a wonderful trip Michelle, it is certainly a very picturesque part of the globe there. Loved all those sculptures & that dog ... just gorgeous.

  10. Great pictures - I love the sculpture. xx

  11. Visiting family on a farm sounds so nice ♥

  12. Looks great and a perfect outing, love the sculptures.

  13. Beautiful spot Michelle and lovely place to get away. We have friends there and try and visit every 3 or 4 years. I just love it

  14. A lovely break. Those pineapples look yummy.

  15. Thanks for taking us with you. Were those pineapples as delicious as they looked?

  16. I don't feel too bad about the oranges, because we have been picking our own, but I am extremely jealous about those wonderful pineapples. They look amazing!!! Thanks also for the photos of the stunning scenery.

  17. What a beautiful place for a get away Michelle, love the sculptures of the whales...sometimes a no stitching day is just what is needed. Those pineapples look fantastic!


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