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Monday, September 12, 2016

Stitching, Visitors and Gardening

Happy Monday all! I am a very tired but happy old soul this beautiful morning.
Saturday I went a stitchin' at my friend Robyns home with other friends Diane and Theresa. We had a lovely day.
But we also had a special visitor. Helen from Helens Patchwork Passion took a detour on her way north for a holiday to come and spend the morning with us.
It was so very nice to finally meet Helen....oh and to see in real time one of her gorgeous quilts that she is hand quilting. So beautiful! Thanks for coming to visit us Helen. I think I may have done some stitching amid the chatting as I got this little chappie finished. Lol!
I have put the frames on a couple to see if I liked them.....
And I am quite happy so far.....need a good press yet.
Friday and Sunday were spent doing some long overdue work in our front garden. Still need our tree man back but overall we are quite pleased with our efforts....every muscle and some we didn't know we had aches but all good.
May not look like much to you but lots of replacing dead plants...
We sowed some shady grass seeds and laid what Mr. R.calls the path to nowhere!
Saves my tootsies getting damp and mucky when I water in the mornings. imagination these blokes!
I really hope these beauties like me and decide to thrive...
Still have these to plant in our pool area which also needs lots of work after the big palms were removed.
I don't know what it is about the humble geranium but I just love them! They always seem such a happy plant and bloom away often in neglect.
Well thats me done. I am off to wrangle another Splendid Sampler block in my sewing cave...thought I better do some sewing!
I wish you a day of simple joys.

Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx


  1. It sounds like a great weekend Michelle, with friend time, stitching time and gardening time! Your critters look good in their completed state, and I do hope the new plants grown and bloom as they should :-)

  2. "snap" - we recently removed a lot of palm trees...esp near the pool and love the hardiness of geraniums. I've just added a few new ones in different colours.

  3. I was a great time... thanks ladies... and thanks Michelle for you help with... now I can reply....

    1. Doh... I just need to stop hitting ENTER.... its publish...

    2. ok... I think I need a flashing Publish sign... as staring at it after hit ENTER... is not

  4. lol just laughing at Robyn.
    So glad you had a lovely day my friend and your aussie decorations look so cute ,you are so clever .
    Oh Michelle your garden is beautiful,i love all those happy plants ,hope your day is a good one,Namaste my friend xx

  5. It's always so nice to catch up with stitching friends. Great work going on in your garden.

  6. It's always so nice to catch up with stitching friends. Great work going on in your garden.

  7. A kangaroo pocket is a very useful thing! Lovely to spend time with friends......and to share some stitching is even better. I love your new pool plant, what is it? Is it a Leucodendron?

  8. Lots of hard work done in the garden needs rewarding with stitching time

  9. What a lovely stitching day to have together.
    And the little Aussies are looking lovely!
    Great work in the garden. It will look lovely in no time!

  10. Love the little ornies. They are so cute. Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend. Hugs,xx

  11. How lovely to get to meet Helen, and of course sew with your mates.... the garden is coming together beautifully .... a few good rains and it will take off. I love your stitcheries and they look perfect in their little frames... clever clogs you... are you taking orders yet?????? no pressure

  12. A lovely day and a lovely pic. You Aussie critters look awesome.

  13. Wonderful to have a sewing day with friends and to meet Helen, your garden looks wonderful , I hope all the new plants flourish, I am sure they will if you are loving them and looking after them. I like the idea of a path to nowhere.....very useful!!!

  14. It was lovely to finally meet you Michelle and spend time stitching and chatting with everyone.xx


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