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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Tuesday's Treasure with Melody

Firstly I would like to correct an error I made about the winner of March Giveaway. It is Cheryl H. not R. I have no idea where I got R. from.....'senior moment'! Sorry Cheryl.
Today I am linking up with the MELODY for ''Tuesday's Treasures''. Most of you know I love needle turn Applique even though I don't get to do as much as I would like so my treasure today is an Angel beautifully designed by the talented Robyn Pandolph. I adored stitching this Angel (and she is huge 23 inches x 32 inches). I stitched this one for a friend and she had it framed. She didn't have room for it at her new house so she gave it back to me. I used all Robyn Pandolph fabric to make it as well.
I loved stitching it so much I did a second one in different colours but still Robyn Pandolph fabrics which will be a quilt if I ever get to finish it. Hence the wrinkles in the photo (I could have ironed it lol) but you get the idea right!
So there you have it.....needle turn applique and Robyn Pandolph's gorgeous designs are todays 'treasure'

Recently while visiting The lovely Helen and Sheila's blogs I was taken by their lovely string pieced quilt and really wanted to have a go. So.... I assembled  a block of 4. It is quite addictive and I am quite excited with myself I can tell you. I don't know if I did it correctly but it sort of looks the same. Quite a 'scrap buster'.

I was good and sewed the binding on my "secret stitchers business quilt" first though after finally finishing the hand quilting on it. You will have to wait until later in the year for this one to be revealed.
I am off over to Melody's to see what treasures are being shared today.
Blessings Michelle xx


  1. Gorgeous treasures shared today, I love your angels

  2. Your angel is lovely... please finish the quilt... stringy is fun isn't it... can just go into lala land and sew doing that... secret stuffies for Christmas methinks

  3. Robyn Pandolp fabrics would be perfect for angels, they are always so pretty & delicate. I decided last week to try some string blocks to use up a new jelly roll, hope they turn out as cute as yours! Tracee xx (ps - off to the library NOW!)

  4. Hi Michelle that angel quilt is gorgeous - you must finish it one day when you have time, which I know you are a bit short of lol. And loved the sneak peak of the Secret Stitchers business quilt - look forward to seeing the full quilt later in the year. Do hope that I'm the Cheryl H winner of that gorgeous prize Michelle - you are such a generous and lovely person

  5. I love your applique. It's so precise and gorgeous. Angels always look good on anything in my opinion!

  6. Gee I can't believe she gave it back to you - it's wonderful, Michelle! Love your string blocks, that's something I want to try someday.

  7. Your angel quilt looks beautiful-when time allows so finish it! (time-where does it go??) Have a great day,Michelle.


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