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Monday, March 19, 2012

The Inspiration of Friends and Giveaway Winner.

Soon after I began this blogging journey I was very fortunate to find a new blogging friend by the name of Melody who has a wonderful blog called "The house on the side of the hill" I loved her blog instantly and felt as if I had found a kindred spirit sharing as we do a love of furry four legged friends, bears, reading, stitching, old vintage treasures and many other things. It was during the lovely process of getting to know Melody I discovered she loved as I do.....honey and the clever little bees that make it for us.
I was in the process of stitching a 'bee themed' project for Country Threads Magazine when a little bird told me Melody was unwell and I just felt I had to make her a little 'beehive' to cheer her up. From then on I kept referring to the project as Melody's Beehive. So I asked Mel if she would mind if I called the project after her as I couldn't think of it as anything else....she agreed. Friday the latest issue of Country Threads arrived on my doorstep and here it is.....
Thank you Melody for your inspiration, generosity, kindness and friendship.
Handmade Magazine was also on my doorstep and inside my friend  Maree from 'on my verandah' has another great project featured as well as one we have done together. Oh and there is also a 5 minute chat with some old girl called Michelle Ridgway if you are interested. LOL!
So I was a very happy little stitcher when I opened my mail.
Saturday, despite the predicted showers we awoke to sunshine so we decide to take a trip up to Woodford for a coffee and a wander through the collectibles store there and as my Grandmother was born and wed there I have been trying to locate the site of the original dairy farm her parents owned where she grew up.I now have the road but not the exact situation but I digress. We decided to come home through Kilcoy and up around Toowoomba (love this area) Well to say we found the predicted rain was an understatement. It was a very damp and dreary drive home and worst of all because our journey was slowed considerably by the weather I missed the Quilters Angel. :(

Now to the WINNER of little Ryan's March Giveaway......Ta Da!
The winner is Cheryl R. (no blog) Congratulations Cheryl your giftie will be in the post soon.
Thank you everyone for taking part once again.

I feel a spot of 'chocolate' coming on for next month's giveaway!!!!!
One of these days I am going to shock you and only type half a dozen words.....but not today!
I wish you all a wonderful week ahead no matter how you choose to spend it or how it chooses to spend you.
Blessings Michelle xx


  1. You have been as busy as a bee! How lovely it must be to see the results in print; and even an interview(oh my)!!!

  2. Well Done Partner...I'm Stalking the Postie..

  3. Ooo lovely. I'll have to haunt the paper shop now for the mags. :) Hugs,

  4. What a wonderful post and how lucky am I to have such a wonderful friend. Thank you so much Michelle for all the kind and loving things you do for so many.

  5. Lovely post Michelle, have you thought of looking through Government records,not sure what your lands department is called over there. I am sure they would be able to help or the local council.

    Congrats to you and Maree on your publications. Plus to the winner of the giveaway. Enjoy.

    Happy Monday.

  6. Oh I going to have to look out for that magazine. I just found Handmade at our JoAnn's but it is not the issue you are talking about. I am so happy for you. Hope you are having a wonderful day.

  7. Congrats on the projects and the interview... Melody is an inspiration to many of us.. and those projects look great... I'm sorry we didn't put good weather on for you but you should have told me you were coming and I would have organised it...

  8. Michelle what a wonderful post and i love that you named a project after Mel and i cant wait to get these mags now ,and congrats to Cheryl on her lovely win.
    Namaste Michelle.
    cheers shez xx

  9. I would be very disappointed if you only typed a few dozen words!!!! Congratulations on your published project, and how just like you, to be so thoughtful to make one for Melody and name it after her. So special and I will be on the lookout for the magazine this week. Well done on the interview too... Wow you and Maree are famous now!Woo Hoo xx

  10. I saw your project in Country Threads. Even Melody got a mention! Congratulations to Cheryl.

  11. How good to have your designs in print. Must go buy the mag.
    Congratulations Cheryl...

  12. Did you say chocolate?

    Im thrilled for both you and Maree. Well deserved recognition!

  13. So good to hear that both you and Maree are featured in the magazines. Well done.
    You do get around the countryside dont you.

  14. That's a double gift for sweet Mel, first the beehive & then seeing her name in print, sure to cheer anyone up. How nice of you. I'm looking forward to reading all about that gorgeous gal in Handmade! Tracee xx

  15. Sounds like all you 'M's hang out together enjoying the best company with all your cleverness.
    Enjoy your celebrity this month.

  16. Congratulations Michelle and so special you named it Melody , such a sweet deserving gal. I will have to try to find that magazine .hugs Sheila

  17. It is wonderful to see you popping up in the magazines. Well deserved!! Congratulations.


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