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Monday, March 26, 2012

Sweet Saturday

As I alluded to in my previous post my Daughter had heard from a friend about a sweet little cafe called
Couture Cupcakes situated in Bardon one of my favourite places being just around the corner where Grandpa of Jacaranda tree fame lived. His house is lived in and loved by others now (we know 'cos we did a sentimental drive by). We had such a delicious time from the moment we saw their gorgeous signage. Pink being my Daughters favourite colour.
We were greeted by a lovely gentleman who showed great patience as I ummed & ahhed over my selection. It was so hard as they all looked so gorgeously delish.We then made our way out to some beautiful wrought iron tables and chairs to wait for our 'cupcakes' and coffee.
Dear Daughters choice was easy as she is a lover of Fererro Roche's she chose the choclate cupcake atopped by one of her favs as soon as she set eyes upon it.

Having always been a fan of "Butterfly" cakes I finally settled on this yummy choice and it was devine.         
A gorgeous surprise of raspberry jam awaited inside the cake just under the frosting. Is your mouth watering.
Being "Cupcake Lovers" my daughter and I were in raptures over these sweet treats and the coffee was beautiful too. If you click on their name at the top of my post it will take you to their web site where you can view their amazing selection and get all their details. We had a lovely experience and we even bought a couple home for the blokes 
I got a lot of brownie points I can tell you for bringing home this sweet little box. Inside the same variety my daughter chose. We had planned to hit the shops at Paddington but we could not get a park anywhere within miles of the Antique Centre as there were hordes of people out for voting. It was so nice to spend time with my daughter in such a lovely little spot. We have already decided on a return visit......but what will I have????
Now as Hubby and I are about to have our freedom curtailed as he is back on call this weekend we ventured out for one more little drive down to Brunswick Heads to the Co-op for some Fish and chips for lunch and a walk along the river. It was a bit blowy but we enjoyed it. Only two pics this time....
Yours truly by the river....

and lunch.....Flat head in beer batter, calamari, whiting fillets and chippies...YUM!

Now after all that goodness a bit of exercise is in order but no Yoga today for me as I must wait in for the electrician.....oh well I guess I shall have to do a spot of stitching instead.
Enjoy your Monday,
Blessings Michelle xx
P.S. on the subject of cupcakes my Daughter has decide to start a little blog about her love of cupcakes, baking and family Here


  1. lovely.....
    you might like one of these...

    Off to visit Mel...

  2. Looks lovely - a lover of cup cakes, too. Trying to resist them at the moment, but don't think I could in a shop like that. I lived in Bardon about 20+ years ago. A lovely suburb. Love the shops at Paddington, too.

    Your drive to Brunswick Heads brought back memories - we had some camping holidays a few years back. And fish and chips by the river. What is it about water that makes fish and chips taste so much better??

    Thanks for giving me a little trip down memory lane. Enjoy your day.

  3. lovely post Michelle and your daughter is very pretty like her mum,i will pop over and say hello to your daughter.
    Namaste Michelle.xx

  4. Decisions are so hard when you get to a new place filled with sugary bliss. It only seems fair to slowly but steadily make your way through the menu with future visits with your beautiful daughter. I'm off to visit her blog. Tracee xx

  5. What a lovely post, featuring family, nature and cup cakes. Three of life's joys. Have a wonderful day today too.

  6. Oh they look so yummy. Had a look at the web site. I'd be to tempted to order to many if i went to the shop. :) Hugs,

  7. ooo that looks exciting. We will have to try them out when we are in Brisbane for more than one night! I agree, it would be nice of you to keep going back and let us know what you think of the rest of the menu as you work your way through it!
    Off to visit Mel.

  8. Yum, I love cupcakes too. Lovely photos of you and your daughter.

  9. Hello Michelle,

    Wow they look too perfect to eat, but I suppose you have to see if they taste as good as they look.
    Happy days and hope that electrician does turn up.

  10. You will just have to go and try a different cupcake each visit! They all look so scrummy. Have a great day

  11. mmmmmm! Both the cupcakes and fish n chips look yummy!

  12. looks like a delicious place to visit! I would have gone the butterfly cake too-they look so perfect.
    Lovely going for a drive too for yummy fish and chips.

  13. lovely mother and daughter outing...nothing beats the first bite of a moist, Rich, cupcake unleashs a warm and guilty feeling so what balance it out with a low fat milk drink - chuckle

  14. Did someone say cupcakes? What a brilliant way to spend a Saturday. With my oven out of commission Mr. P was spared any of my baking experiments this weekend, but now Im desperate to make cupcakes!

    Why do fish and chips always taste better when you eat them outside straight out of the paper?

  15. Always an interesting read , the cupcakes look divine , I'm drooling now. Your daughter looks like you , pretty girl.
    Hugs Sheila

  16. The cupcakes look delicious Michelle, a lovely way to spend the time with your daughter.
    Ummmm I can smell the fish and chips they look so yummy.

  17. hmmmmm think I'm going to have to visit this cafe Michelle!!! Looks delicious.. oh hang on, I'm about to start a diet he he!!! Better get there soon, so I can be good after that!


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