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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Thursday's Teddy Bears Picnic with Melody & Finally Something Finished...

Well it is said "Sunshine and Showers bring the Flowers" which is certainly true here today. We have had both and had it at the same time here this morning. So that is why our picnic will be on the verandah again!
My little bear "Sunflower" loves wearing her litttle garland and is trying to make the picnic more Sunshiney with her sunflowers and her Snickers bars to share. I made her from mohair and it is the prettiest golden colour. I think she was a project in one of the Bear Magazines but I can't be sure.
Wait a minute is that a  wee "Irish" lad there on the picnic rug with Sunlower???? Sunflower tells me his name is "Ryan" and he wants to join in with the other picnicers......said he will even share is gold......Hmmm! I wonder can you trust the wee folk especially when it comes to their 'pot of gold'. Oh Dear! I hope he is not up to any mischief. Looks too sweet really doesn't he.
I am going over to MELODY'S to see who the other picnicers are this Thursday.

Finally I have finished "Angel of the Teaparty". She is ready to sprinkle icing sugar and chocolate drops all over your cupcakes anytime you are ready. I did end up adding the suffolk puffs and I like them. You will have to excuse the photo as the breeze kept blowing each time I tried to take the photo.
When I imagined this project it was to be a simple little wallhanging but as usual I couldn't leave it alone and I ended up drawing it within an inch of it's life and it took me a little longer than I thought to stitch but I loved creating her and I am glad I didn't rush. Anyway who can I complain to....the designer!  She is not likely to listen. Now all  that is left is writing the pattern..........oohh how I love that bit!

Ya gotta love a suffolk puff or three. I think they are pretty even though I was up past midnight getting them finished. Bit weary this morning I can tell you. Instructions will have to wait 'til I can see straight.
Must fly busy day ahead. Have a great something nice for yourself. Maybe drink a cuppa out of your very best china or wear a spray of your 'best' perfume even though you are staying home. ****You deserve it****
Blesssings Michelle xx


  1. What a wonderful post and an adorable new pattern.
    I just love your little bears, everything you do and share is delightful.

  2. Lovely new pattern Michelle... well worth the long hours.... enjoy the picnic!

  3. Sunflower and Ryan are both gorgeous. Your new quilt is lovely. How different putting those suffolk puffs on it. See you at the picnic!

  4. How cute is Sunflower with her pretty garland! Your angel wall hanging is very pretty, I love the floral border print. You have been busy haven't you?

  5. Love you bears. Ryan is so cute. Lovely new pattern. Hugs,

  6. Congrats on yet another great pattern, thanks for sharing the tea party great post....

  7. G'day Michelle. Your bears are just beautiful. I do so love the angel wall hanging. It looks gorgeous. Well done. Take care. Liz...

  8. Your bear has certainly brightened up my day, very cute.

    Love the wallhanging,its very pretty.


  9. Gorgeous bears - St Patrick's Day has always been special in our home, all my ancestors come from over that way and my parents married that day - this year will be their 60th wedding anniversary, so a very special one. Love the wall hanging, too. Gorgeous stitching, colours and love the suffolk puffs - have to agree, you can never have too many! Cheers

  10. Lovely teddies and I am pleased you had some sunshine.
    Your design looks great. Beautiful work.

  11. oh Michelle i love your little irish bear,so sweet,wow your wall hanging is gorgeous,well done,have fun at the picnic.

  12. Wow! You made that little bear from mohair? Just gorgeous.

  13. Lovely post , the new pattern is just adorable ,you are so creative .Your little bears will enjoy the picnic I am sure , they are so cute.

  14. Sunflower is so sweet - just gorgeous and lovely of her to share her Snickers bars.Love her little friend Ryan, too. Your Angel of the Teaparty hanging is very nice - the suffolk puffs are an effective touch.

  15. love your picknickers! Your teaparty angel is very sweet. Well done on your finish. The puffs are a beautiful addition, glad you went with them.

  16. Such a beautiful finish Michelle :D
    ..and gorgeous bears!

  17. Oh Michelle what lovely bears - I'm partial to the wee Irish one meself, but I'm totally in love with Sunflower's beautiful garland and sweet face!
    Your Angel of the Teaparty is gorgeous - you were quite right not to stint on her. Truly lovely!!


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