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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

A bit of this and that!

We have glorious sunshine today....YAY!
I couldn't take my Mum's quilt away with me and it was too hot to take my quilting so when in doubt start something new and what better than a cute little bear who has other little friends to come later.
I have also been stitching some of these....
I am still auditioning them  for my "Angel of the Teaparty" project as I am not sure whether I like them or not. If not I feel a tote bag coming on.
My Mum also sent me home with another book and I am trying to resist opening that cover for a wee while yet otherwise I will be a goner and I have some serious stitching to do first.
Happy Wednesday everyone. I hope there is some lovely stitching time in there for you somewhere.
I am off to Yoga and hope I can fit all of my 'pie eating self' on my mat.
Namaste and
Blessings Michelle xx


  1. What a sweet bear..although that's not tea he's drinking is it?
    LoVe It ! :)

  2. Hi Michelle, You have got to try audio books. I'm having a stitching day today and I'll be having someone read me a story at the same time. I'm sure you'd love it.

  3. That is a cute bear, looking forward to seeing her friends also

  4. The bear is so cute. Love it.Hugs,

  5. fun post Michelle enjoy your yoga,lol,and i am sure you will fit on the mat quite comfortably.xx

  6. Hello Michelle,

    Teddy is very cute. Love reading Monica's books. Have a great day.

  7. The little bear is adorable as is the yo yo , you are so creative :-) hugs Sheila

  8. cute little bear and I must get into a few yo-yo's... I love monica Mcinerney

  9. That bear is looking delightful!!

  10. Love your little bear stitchery.
    The book looks good too.
    Hope you enjoyed your Yoga.

  11. At least your excuse at yoga would me 'mum made me eat it! A lovely little bear. That book looks good, I would find it hard to resist picking up & then if it is her usual style, hard to put down again too. Tracee xx

  12. Yoyos! I love yoyos. Show us more.

    Im sure you managed to fit on the mat ...and came home feeling all zen and at one with the universe.

  13. The bear is so cute. Hope you enjoyed your yoga---I have been slack and have missed a few of my yoga classes lately-- have to get back on track. It is pouring rain here today-- I should not complain as ir is MUCH worse in the flooded areas!


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