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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Little Pile of Felt.

You will remember my little happy pile of felt I posted about earlier.
Well I have been busy stitching these out of all that while listening to the beautiful voice of Eva Cassidy.........ahh Bliss!
I also have been stitching something like this.....
to go right along with them. When I get through with these lovely Christmas projects I am going to draw me up something real pretty to stitch. I feel like I have been stitching Christmas forever at the moment and I feel the need for flowers, butterflies or tea cups......something away from the festive season. Of course it won't last long as gingies, plum puddings, snowmen and reindeers will come to call and I shall have to follow where they lead me.
I heard today that if you are a creative type and if you get a good nights sleep regularly it increases your creativity by 40%. Wonder if that includes sleeping in?

This little fairy is for my dear friend Helen (she loves fairies) who is unwell at the moment. Get better real soon my lovely friend and you just know I am going to say "Look after Yourself"!
Blessings to all,
Michelle xxx


  1. Hi Michelle - I had been thinking of that little pile of felt and wondered what had become of it - that snowman is way too cute. I must admit I could sew xmas all year long, but I could say that for flowers, teddies, etc as well. Happy stitching

  2. Can't wait to see the finished product, looks good so far. I love Xmas too and always say next year I will start earlier as it comes round so quickly. Am getting ready for a quilt camp this week-end with my group. Looking forward to some non stop sewing. Hugs...

  3. Christmas + Michelle = snowman.... it's looking lovely...

  4. Such pretty stitching! It's really hard for me to stitch Christmas things during warm weather ....

  5. Sew looking forward to seeing the finished project...

    Hope your friend gets well soon.

  6. Oh you are making lovely use of your lovely wools , really looks special. Hope your friend is doing better . Hugs Sheila

  7. Oh you are making lovely use of your lovely wools , really looks special. Hope your friend is doing better . Hugs Sheila

  8. Your stitching looks beautiful, lovely rich colours and the pattern looks wonderful.

  9. This looks interesting, can't wait to see it finished I love felt...


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