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Friday, March 23, 2012

Favourite things Friday

I still have a little of Friday left to join with SHAY for "Favoruite Things Friday" and if I am perfectly honest, so disgruntled have I been the last two days with my technical savvy regarding the management of this here blog I was very tempted to delete the lot and slink back into my 'old lady' cupboard. But then the thought of not communicating with all my lovely friends in blogland bought me to my senses which brings me to my 'favourite' this week. "Friends". Once you make great friends the joy they bring is immeasureable. Last week was my regular catch up with my work colleagues for coffee. In one of my very early posts I spoke about a gorgeous lady I had worked under and how she had knitted a very charming cardigan for my bear "Pickles". Jenny left us and went travelling with her husband and did all sorts of other interesting things and we hadn't  seen her for a number of years. One of the girls ran into Jenny recently and relayed how we catch up for coffee and she said "Count me in I'll be there" but our very sneaky friend Deb didn't tell us she has seen her or was coming so when she appeared there was much squealing hugging and kissing and we gas bagged just like we had all been together yesterday. It was wonderful.
Jenny is in the middle in the front. It always amazes me how the heart instantly recognises a friend. Deb is missing as she was the photographer. So here's to "Friends" whether far away or close by.
Just a little note.....want to know how much I really love red. I had to wear it everyday for 18 and a half years and I still love it.

I have also been doing a lot of this in the last couple of days as I have stitched my little heart out and I have finished "felt pile project" which a friend in Sydney requested and garnered from the  sneaky pics that I had kept my word. So yes Pat and Vivian I have indeed worked my fingers to the bone but you will have to wait unitl October to see the finished project. I also have finished the binding on the "secret Christmas business quilt".
I really should have shares in the "Tim Tam" factory at least it would make my sugar addiction and my 'real woman shape' worth while. I have been trying so hard lately to cut back (can't go cold turkey) but I just enjoy my lovely cup of coffee with sugar so much. It is also one of my favourite things......My dear Uncle Bill used to tell me "all this deprivation doesn't make you live longer it just feels long and drawn out." and my dear Nana used to tell me "a little bit of what you fancy does you good". These are the things I resort to when I don't really want to give up my bad habits.
So that's me done for this Friday and I wish you all a great weekend. I am going to try and forget that a lot of this techno stuff is beyond me and enjoy a nice day out with DD at a cute little "cupcake" cafe she has tracked down in one of my favourite parts of town **Paddington** You see what hope do I have. Of course I could go and not have a devine cupcake......yeah right!
Blessings to you all,
Michelle xx


  1. lovely post Michelle and it was nice to see you all catch up with your friend,enjoy your weekend.

  2. How fun.. where did you work? I tried to see the insignia on the shirts but my eyes are not that good..... I think a lot of us get techno shivers!!
    Have a lovely weekend...

  3. Lovely indeed to catch up with friends. I have a real weakness for sweet things, in fact I'm eating a caramel macadamia pie while writing this - yum.

  4. Oh don't you even think of stopping blogging , I would miss your wonderful posts . Friends are indeed treasures of the best kind and I agree with your Nan a little something sweet won't hurt you now and then , you know the thing I find is if I don't have that cookie or small piece of cake I will eat something else that probably is no better for me and I still am not satisfied , I think I am seriously addicted to chocolate :-0 hugs Sheila

  5. So pleased you decided to keep your blog - we would miss our tours of the local area through your eyes if you werent continuing. Friends are a wonderful treasure in our lives.

  6. Friends are the best!!! What a great post, sweetie. And what a lovely surprise!

    I love what your Uncle Bill said about deprivation not making you live longer, it just feels longer...HOW TRUE!

    Enjoy your time out with DD, I hate techno stuff too, I get my son to figure it out, lol...

  7. I enjoyed looking thru your posts today. We like many similar things. Would like to invite you over to the U.S.A. to view my blog too! Happy Spring!

  8. Don't feel alone when it comes to technological inadequacy. The IT guy at work laughs everytime I have to ask him to come fix something for me eg I forgot my new password... why won't this button work? etc.
    looks like a great catch up. I like your family sayings too, they are words to live by!

  9. How lovely catching up with friends.

  10. G'day Michelle. Great post as always. Isn't it just the best to catch up with a dear friend that you haven't seen for a long time.It really is one of life's joys. Take care. Liz...

  11. Friends are the best . We can laugh with them , at them , and cry and share our bits and pieces too. We all need more of that in our lives.


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