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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Still hexie-ing!

Still in the "Hexie" state of mind. Why is it even when you think you have enough fabric for a project after you have begun...turns out you don't. I had to try and match the middle of my hexies as I wanted to applique them on to backgrounds but of course NOT enough. A visit to the "Quilters Store" was such a hardship I can tell you but I was VERY restrained and for once in my life (sounds like that song) I only bought what I needed. So I am all set and have already started to applique the hexies in place.
I have felt the need to do some needleturn applique for ages now so I am busy designing something to go in the tacked on vase above which will in turn go with the hexies somehow.....having a very nice time.
You may have noticed this little cupcake on my sidebar. My daughter has started a little blog Here about her love of cupcakes and baking, her other interests and family life and when I posted about it earlier in the week some very lovely blogging friends popped over to her blog and made her feel very welcome. So thank you! You are all very sweet (excuse the pun).
I am off to fulfil the last of my Domestic Goddess duties for the day and then make myself presentable because I am going out to the local club for dinner.....Yay! No cooking!
Blessings Michelle xx


  1. very cute stitcheries in your hexies..... I'm looking forward to seeing the outcome.... QA has big sale on this weekend!!!

  2. lovely hexies Michelle,lucky you going out for tea.xx

  3. very interesting new project. Love the hexies.
    'for once in my life I have fabric that needs me,
    Fabric that I've needed for so long,
    for once, unafraid, I can offer my visa
    Somehow I know it won't bounce....'
    is that the song you were thinking of?
    Enjoy your dinner!

  4. I'm impressed with your will power. I think it;s almost impossible for me to go into a quilting shop and only buy what I need not what tickles my fancy!
    Lovely hexies, I'm looking forward to seeing the progress.

  5. Gorgeous hexies on display. Off to check out your daughters blog now.

  6. Your hexies look so pretty and love the stitchery in the centre , looking forward to seeing what you are creating , I am sure it will be beautiful. Hope you enjoyed your evening out :-) hugs Sheila

  7. Beautiful flowers with the stitchery centres...

  8. I love your hexie flowers Michelle.

    Isnt that always the way - you think you have enough to do your project and then the quilting fairies start laughing at you. I cant believe your restraint !Ive been avoiding quilt stores for weeks because I know if I go in Im going to come out with a ton of stuff!

  9. Love your Stitching in the middle of the Hexie...Too Cute.
    Well Fancy going to the Quilter's Store and being Very Good...Not Heard Of!!

  10. Your hexies and your applique block look lovely, I look forward to seeing how they look when finished. I love cupcakes so I will pop over and visit your daughter.


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