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Monday, March 12, 2012

The Road less Travelled.

"The road less travelled is the one I like best, never knowing what awaits you over the next crest"
Good Morning all and welcome to another week and Monday. Now you would think after last weekend's 'country adventure' we would have been quite content to sit in our chairs at home.....but no! A Sunday drive was in the offering and so we headed down the highway past Byron Bay and turned inland to a cute little town called Bangalow, parked the car next to the creek that flows through the town and set off to explore.
As Mr R., who is an intrepid explorer when it comes to seeking out cute coffee and cake places set off on his mission to find supplies to help with the accumulating of our "winter coats"...oh hang on No that's bears! Anyway I set  about exploring all the gorgeous little shops and made a purchase or 3. Mr R. found a cute little coffee shop and these little sweeties. I had a strawberry tart and he had a Thai coconut cake....very Yum! The coffee was beautiful too.

We then decided we didn't want to go home the same way we had come so we decided we would drive further inland and go home through Kyogle and Murwillumbah. We had bought a picnic lunch so we could stop where we liked. The country side is so lush and green after all the rain we have had this year. It is such pretty countryside down that way.
The views were spectacular and well worth the detour. So many beautiful vistas I didn't know which ones to photograph. We stopped at the town of Nimbin as I had never been there before and  had heard much about it (looked a bit tired to me)but  I bought a gorgeous handmade soy candle which is why I wanted to visit. Mr R. was very traumatized by it all (I am still laughing) especially when he got accosted to see if he had any of those
'funny cigarettes' on him LOL! The look on his face.... he was more than mortified LOL!....oh I should stop now! He tolerates the aging hippie he is married too but this was all a little too much for him!! We continued on with our journey despite me falling about the place laughing every couple of Kms. I am lucky I didn't get left by the side of the road. I'm sure we drove a little faster on the way out of town.
We finally chose a little picnic spot beside Smith Creek just outside the village of Uki and set up our little picnic overlooking the creek. The sound of the running creek was wonderful.
So that was our Sunday. We arrived home very relaxed after  breathing all that lovely country air. I am beginning to look and sound like a travel brochure but I love a country road. I did do a little stitching over the weekend and I am hoping for a bit cooler weather so as I can get on with my hand quilting.....if not I shall have to put the Air con to work.
Have a great day all.
Blessings Michelle xx


  1. I Envy your Weekend Trips..I also love down south..did chuckle about your encounter in Nimbin..well it is known for that!
    Hope you get some stitching done this week...
    talk soon

  2. I haven't been down that way for years. I must rectify that and take a trip to Bangalow soon.
    I had a chuckle at hubbies Nimbin experience too. Poor guy!

  3. What a great way to spend a Sunday! The coconut cake looks great!

  4. what a lovely road trip. Yummy cakes as well.
    Poor hub hehe/

  5. Oh what a fabulous trip. I come from down Kyogle way & love the countryside there. I'm sorry Mr R but i had to laugh about your Nimbin visit. A few of our friends have been taken there recently as they've never been & when they came back I laughed so much at their reactions & i tell them "well i did warn you what the place was like". I don't think they believed me. lol Hugs,

  6. What a great drive, snacks and shopping Michelle and what a good laugh...

  7. Another wonderful drive you've taken us all on. Thanks you so much. I really enjoyed it! :)

  8. lol,Michelle are you sure it was the fresh air that made you both happy and relaxed,lol,lovely pics Michelle,thankyou for the tour.
    Namaste Michelle.xx

  9. Ah, I can hear the babbling brooks and smell the forest from here. What a lovely way to spend a Sunday.

  10. What beautiful countryside!!! I too love taking the road less traveled. When my boys were small [and gas cost less] we would frequently get in the car and go on "mystery trips"....never knowing where we were going or would end up. I miss those trips!

  11. I stated home in my pyjamas all day so your virtual tour makes me feel a little like I actually got out and did something. Thanks for bringing us along.

  12. What a great Sunday. Such beautiful scenery. I too love to hear the water roar. Thank you for sharing such beautiful pictures.

  13. What a great day out Michelle - I am very envious though - still laughing about the story of Mr R and the funny cigarette. Loved the sneaky peak - look forward to that Country Threads edition


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