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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Tuesday's Treasure with Melody

Well friendly campers I have finally managed to get here to post after deciphering the new Google Chrome and I am showing you great restraint in not expressing what I am really feeling about the wasted hours this lovely morning so we shall move right along to the reason for this post...Tuesday's Treasures with MELODY
My treasure today is my small but sweet collection of minature quilts made for me as gifts by a lady who used to belong to our quilting group. Sadly she moved overseas and we lost touch. Her work was extraordinary and exquisite to say the least and I am constantly amazed when I look at them.
You will see I have placed a 20 cent coin there for size reference.
The logs in the log cabin quilt have to be seen to be believed. My very favourites though are the 2 that match and hang on the wall outside my bedroom and are the first thing I see every morning. The first is a sampler quilt and the second is a lovely applique.

I still adore the fabrics in these little quilts. The tiny dresden plate is the cutest thing ever.
Both these little quilts measure only about 14 inches x 18 inches. They are a lovely memory of a very clever lady.
On the subject of blocks I have finished Baltimore block 7 and on to Block 8.
Block 7 looked quite simple but I had so much trouble with the hearts in the centre. Trying to get them to match up was like herding cats....I'd get 2 right and then the next one wrong. In the end I have decided to live with it and I am not unpicking and redoing anymore hearts. So there is a lesson there I guess never judge a book by it's cover or a block by it's design until you have stitched it.
So on to Block 8 which has a bias circle...tee hee. Lots of fun there I can tell you.
I am off to visit Melody and see who is treasuring what. What do you treasure? Do you stop and think about  all the little momentoes and memories that make up your life? It is a lovely thing to do to take stock regularly and remember what makes us smile.
Have a lovely rest of your Tuesday. I feel a cuppa calling.
Blessings Michelle xx


  1. what beautiful mini quilts and so lovely that they went to some-one who treasures them.xx

  2. Those quilts are certainly Treasures,& in safe hands with you appreciating them as you do.

  3. Your Tuesday looks terrific too! :)

  4. Beautiful quilt Michelle. I have the applique one but mine is all purples. :) Hugs,

  5. wow those are awesome little quilts... if and when you visit this way again please bring them so I can see them in real life....
    I do love your blocks.... so pretty... I think I need to do one of those... hmmmm

  6. Thank you so much for linking up today. Your miniature quilts are amazing and very very beautiful. Your baltimore blocks are looking wonderful too.

  7. Thank you so much for linking up today. Your miniature quilts are amazing and very very beautiful. Your baltimore blocks are looking wonderful too.

  8. Those minis are works of art. Talk about amazing technique. Im crushing on those colour combos too!

    Good luck with that bias circle. You're barking mad !(I mean that in the nicest possible way )

  9. How sweet are those mini quilts? - You are certainly knocking over those Baltimore blocks!

  10. The mini quilt are just beautiful , such talent to sew such small pieces so accurately . I love your new block too , I admire anyone who does hand applique that well , your blocks in previous posts are also beautiful , not sure how I missed those but I did . hugs Sheila

  11. Gorgeous mini quilts Michelle, my favourite is the one with the lady :-)

  12. Your mini quilts are so beautiful and I love your block. The hearts do look tricky to place perfectly but yours look lovely.


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