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Monday, May 28, 2012

Love is in the Air.

Good morning everyone here we are with a brand new week stretching out in front of us.
It is a glorious morning here in my little part of Queensland. Cool and clear bright blue skies and luvverly Sunshine. I hope you all had a great weekend.
Mine was very quiet as I am still at odds with this virus but I did venture out for a special occassion. It was freezing cold 6 degrees which is freezing for us sun lizards up here but with lovely food and good company we soon warmed up. You see......

My lovely nephew announced his engagement to his sweetheart and we went along to help them celebrate.

They are a lovely couple and have been an item for a very long time. So hooray! At last!
The happy couple and the "old Aunty". Congratulations you two!
The rest of the weekend was resting up by the fire watching Miss Marple and stitching.
I did want to show you before I go what I have managed to grow.....this is a minor miracle as it was cut off several times in it's beginnings by the notorious "Dr Hackin-a-bush" that I live with and his evil whipper snipper. I had to put a wall of bricks around it, feed it copious amounts of 'worm tea', talk very nicely to it....I even held it's one remaining little leaf and gave it Reiki (its ok the neighbours already think I'm nuts) Well have a look at her now.....

My Paw-Paw tree or Papaya as it is know elsewhere is tall and laden with fruit. I am hoping they hold off ripening until the warmer weather when I will be here to enjoy them. My house sitters don't like them but they are under strict instructions if they ripen while I am away to distribute them to some grateful friends.
How clever is Mother Nature.
Enjoy your day.
Michelle xxx


  1. what a lovely happy post Michelle,i also now have that rotten flu,how long have you had it for.xx

  2. I agree with Shez, a lovely positive post filled with the joy of being alive - even with a virus. Love and growth, wonderful.

  3. Looks like it is turning into a lovely Queensland day Michelle, though when I left home this morning at 5am to head to the CBD for work it was rather chilly, brrr....
    Hope you get well soon, Hugs.

  4. such an upbeat post... congrats to the couple and reiki worked on the pawpaw... looks wonderful. lovely, lovely sunshine... still a nip in the air but who cares if there is bright light... no virus' this weekend thank you very much....

  5. Congratulations to the newly engaged couple. Glad you're feeling a bit better. I had a chuckle with your Dr Hankin-a-bush. Interesting name!

  6. Glad you're feeling a bit better Michelle. This sunshine helps to cheer you up I'm sure.

  7. What wonderful news for your nephew & his beloved! I hope you are feeling back too 100% very soon. I hope the pawpaws are delicious... x

  8. Lovely photo of you with the engaged couple and your pawpaw is very impressive! Get well soon, Wendy

  9. G'day Michelle. Lovely post and lovely photos. Hope you are feeling better soon.Take care. Liz...

  10. Congrats to the newly engaged couple!
    Get back on your feet asap... your holiday is looming! :)

  11. Looks like worm tea, reiki and talking nicely to your paw paw paid dividends.

    Congratulations to the happy couple.

    I hear echinacea is good for what ails you. Dose on up. You want to be 100% well for your adventure.


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