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Friday, May 4, 2012

Favourite Things Friday with Shay

Well I am going to be showing my age again for FTF this week when I link up with the gorgeous SHAY  from Quilting in my Pyjamas. I have since I was a young hip & happening thing loved the music of Van Morrison. There is a 'Van' song for every mood. Some wonderful memories are tied up with his music too. My friend and I went to his concert at the now demolished Festival Hall here in Brisvegas and rocked the night away. His music has accompanied many a fantastic party and one of  his more recent favourite songs "Have I told you  lately that I love you" featured beautifully in my Son's wedding which as you can imagine saw me come quite undone but felt so special to be part of that moment.
So here's to the music of Van Morrison - a most beautiful soul. An 'all the time' favourite!
You will notice there is a lit candle behind my cd's. My dear friends Helen and Janeen who also teach me Yoga went to a Yoga Teacher's conference in Sydney last weekend and took part in a 'world peace flame' ceremony and my beautiful Nimbin candle (yes the one that caused all the distress to no1 Husband) has been lit from this ceremony. If you want to read more about the history of this beautiful ceremony you can go Here

Because of all the rainfall we have had here in 'sunny' Queensland in recent times my tropical garden has gone a word nuts! Now I know I whinge about the weather which I dislike about myself so much but truly my plants are not only smiling but laughing out loud. So I thought I would share some photos I have taken of some of them. I don't want you to get the idea now that I am some guru gardener or anything because I'm not and these are selected shots and  these treasures pretty much take care of themselves....warning there are a few pics.
Miss Frangipani in all her glory!

The garden has just about overtaken my statue.
There are 2 of these on this tree and they completely encircle it now and hang right down to the ground. My husbands Grandad gave me a small foot from his plant and this is the result many years later. I love it!
Now this little sweetheart Maidenhair  fern just loves this little spot and although has died back a little just thrives all by herself. I have never been able to get it to grow until now. So Bless her!
Last but not in any way least are a succulent and sweet native "Robin Gordon" grevillea so different yet co-existing so happily there together....there is a lesson there I think.
So there you have it some of nature's beauties who reside with me and make me smile.
Remember to treat yourself as you would your very best friend...with love, kindness and understanding.
I wish you all a wonderful weekend.
Michelle xx


  1. a lovely post Michelle,i love the candle and boy your garden is lovely ,so green and lush.

  2. It's always NiCe to take a walk thru a garden. Thanks for sharing yours! :)

  3. What a coincidence. I love Van Morrison & i also have 1 of those Nimbin candles. :) Love the Frangipani too. Your garden looks beautiful. Hugs,

  4. Love, love, love Van Morrison!!! I was there too at his concert at Festival Hall. I thought it hilarious that he barely moved from his designated spot on the stage and was devastated that he didn't play my favourite song "Moondance"

  5. How your garden grows! I love the Frangipani. I like the idea of your Nimbin candle.

  6. lovely post... garden is looking good... it is so nice to have those spots of lovely peacefullness...
    Have a great weekend...

  7. Beautiful flowers and I love Van Morrison too.

  8. Love love love Van Morrison too.
    Your garden is looking beautiful. My frangipani are not looking as good as yours, although everything else has done really well this year, especially after the terrible summer last year.

  9. Brown-Eyed Girl has always been one of my most favorite songs - love Van Morrison! Oh Michelle your garden is so lush, it's just gorgeous, thank you so much for sharing!

  10. The favourite Van Morrison song in our house is Someone Like You - it just says it all.
    Sometimes at our Yoga we do a peace flame ceremony so I have a few peace flame candles. There is supposed to be a flame in Byron Bay but I haven't located it yet. Maybe next time I get there...

  11. WOW love that garden and that frangipani must smell glorious xxx

  12. My favourite Van Morrison song is Brown Eyed Girl.

    I love your garden Michelle. I have managed to keep a frangipani in a pot for over a year without killing it. I just need to find the perfect spot for it in the actual garden!

  13. Hello Michelle,

    My Frangipani forgot to flower this Summer, so seeing yours was a boost to this gardener's soul.

    Happy days.


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