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Monday, May 21, 2012

Weekend Celebrations!

We had quite a weekend and I warn you ahead of time there are lots of photos. Mr R. wanted a family dinner for his 60th which included a lamb roast of course. So we decorated the table in a suitable festive manner.
Our Daughter made an awesome cake which tasted as naughty as it looks.
I am sure we all put on 1/2 a kilo a slice with this one.

Mr R. with our children.
And with his very favourite boys.
Oh that's right and then with his 'better half'
Lovely son and daughter in law.
Lovely Daughter and son in law.
We all got up early the next morning and headed out to the Queensland Raceway Racing track where Mr R. thought he would channel some of Brocky's flair in  the Wynn Commodore.
He got all suited up, put on his helmet and then gave us a very excited wave and was off out on to the track.
 I told you he was a hoon at heart and after a few warm up laps he hit his stride. The only disappointment was the Ford went off the track before he could pass it......hhmmmm! Boys!
   Roaring down the straight....
    To a very enthusiastic cheer squad. As DD remarked I bet you don't hear "GO GRAMPY!" very often at the race track.
 Sometimes it was just a little bit loud and special equipment was called for.
And then it was back into pit lane and it was all over.
But I have to say the smile remains....
The thing I loved most about this weekend was the fact that my Husband got to express to all of us just how special it was that we would do this for him and how being with his family meant so much.
If you have managed to stay with me through this marathon I say a big thanks. It is such a gift to reach 60 and I wanted to celebrate and document it for my on line journal.
I hope you enjoy your day. I have managed to catch a very nasty cold so my favourite chair and I will be good mates today.
Blessings Michelle xxx


  1. wow Michelle what a fantastic weekend and what a lovely family you have,so glad Mr R had such a wonderful birthday and cheers to many more.xx

  2. Soo Glad it all went well..he does look a Happy Chappy...
    Get Better Soon.

  3. Looks like you all had a fabulous weekend was had by all. Hmmm!!!Love the cake....

  4. Happy 60th Birthday Mr R. Beautiful photos Michelle of your goregous family! What a weekend!

  5. Now that's the way to celebrate!!! I had to laugh at the cake, it's the exact one my son wanted to make for me, I can't believe I told him no....NEXT TIME. Mr. R. looks SO happy, Michelle, I'm so glad he had a great birthday! You're right, it's an important one to celebrate. I hope you feel better soon, sweetie, get that nasty virus away from you!

  6. I think that is a fabulous present - it is often hard to find the right thing for a man. And that cake looks awesome. Get better quick!

  7. What a great weekend you all had Michelle. Many Happy Returns to Mr R.Wow that cake looked fabulous. Hope your cold doesn't hang around too long, but it is a good excuse to sit and sew,(if you need an excuse}.Hugs R.

  8. Has that big smile left his face yet! LOL That cake looks very yummy.

  9. Wonderful photos and so pleased he had such a happy celebration. Hope you feel better soon. I have also caught that one and it is not nice. Resting up is the only thing that seems to help.

  10. That looks like a perfect birthday weekend.

  11. What a fabulous weekend, especially the racing! Err.... any cake left??? Hugs xx

  12. wonderful... all of it.... glad the weekend was so much fun...

  13. What a fantastic memory hubby has now.. family and a fun fast frolic in a race car!
    Hope you feel better again soon! :)

  14. beautiful photos. Looks like it was a perfect gift.

  15. What a brilliant birthday/weekend. Love all the photos Michelle and felt like I was there with you. The cake looks amazing..all the family photos are just beautiful... and the race track photos are just too cool. I'm sure he loved that.... I know my husband would. So glad you had such a lovely weekend and you got to celebrate your husbands birthday so perfectly xx

  16. Thanks for sharing a wonderful weekend with us. It looks like you had the best time!

    LOVE that cake.

    The photo of you and Mr. R is just fabulous.

  17. What a super celebration for Mr R's 60th. And it was lovely that you shared it with us.

  18. Great weekend had by all Michelle!!. That cake is awesome and very clever. What was the cake made of ?

  19. So many lovely family photos of the event! Looks like a perfect weekend to honour your hubby.

  20. You've got such a gorgeous family and wow I love the kitkat cake. Happy birthday to Mr R.


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