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Friday, May 18, 2012

Favourite Things Friday with Shay

I am very late but I know it is still Friday...............
So I may just scrape in for Favourite Things Friday with SHAY
My favourite this week is something called YOGA NIDRA. Those of my followers who practise yoga and I know some of you do will know it well. It is a guided meditation that inspires the release of physical and emotional tension by taking you into a profound state of relaxation but you think you just listening to the nice music and lovely lady guiding you through it. I have several versions on CD and love it. Studies in the USA have shown that Yoga Nidra has helped soldiers returning from Active Duty with stress and insomnia and people suffering from depression. It's continuing benefits are enormous. The good thing is although it  usually accompanies a restorative yoga practice you can use the CD on it's own as a relaxation tool. This is one of my favourite versions which I purchased from and it is by Terry Oldfield & Soraya Saraswati.
This little CD is my take anywhere relaxation. It is downloaded on to my mp3 player so I can listen to it at anytime. It has a 11 minute track, 20 minute track and a 30 minute track. You can lie on your yoga mat, bed or sit in your favourite chair to do's wonderful. So there you have it 'Yoga Nidra'
Just before I started to write my post I recieved this email from my Daughter and it seemed to fit perfectly with my post for today so I thought I would share it with you as well.

I wish you a weekend of really appreciating yourself because you are unique. There is no other being on this planet as wonderful and unique as you. So celebrate the treasure that is *you*
Michelle xxx


  1. lovely post Michelle,Namaste.xx

  2. lovely post Michelle,Namaste.xx

  3. it is very important to have a way to relax... sounds like you have found a good one.... I like the spiritual awakening....

  4. I had not heard of Yoga (ha, I first typed Yoda) Nidra before, but it sounds lovely. I am going to look into this further. Sometimes I try to do the meditative breathing etc. on my own, but I get distracted. A guided CD would be nice to have.

  5. Fantastic post (and thank you for sharing from your daughter). I have started to plant the idea with hubs that he needs to do some sort fo relaxation, meditation techniques to help him destress and relax (been an issue since his own deployment return years ago) and this might be a good one to look into to start together. Have a good weekend.

  6. Aw Michelle, it is a wonderful blog you have written today, I am inspired to find a cd and try it.

  7. I may just print out the words of wisdom sent to you by your daughter. Great reminders of positive ways to live life.

    Hmnnnnnnn ...I may have to hunt down a copy of that CD too...

    I always love these types of post Michelle. They inspire me to try new things and try to live a better life.

  8. Fabulous ideas to live (and let live) by. Thanks,

  9. I had not heard of Yoga Nidra before either. Sounds intriguing. Thanks for Sharing.

  10. Thank you for sharing Michelle. I have been doing a little yoga but have never heard of Yoga Nidra??
    Hope you are having a wonderful day.


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