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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Lunch with a French Twist

Today I had a lovely lunch out with my stitching friends at a nice little cafe/bistro at Bulimba which is a riverside suburb on the southside of Brisbane. It is full of lovely cafes and interesting shops.
Called the "French Twist" this little cafe also had a lovely selection of breads and pastries. I had a delicious open sandwich and a yummy vanilla slice for dessert ( I am very partial to those). You will have to take my word for it because horror of horrors I forgot my camera. I must be a 'real' blogger becasue I felt so strange without it. The girls and I spent so many years catering to the needs of school children, family life and work comittments we decided now that a lot of that is behind us we would sample the lovely cafes and shops around our lovely city from time to time together. It has been so much fun discovering these places (no thanks to me I can tell you) These young lasses have taught me so much.
I now have to break the news to my other half that I couldn't eat another thing for at least 12 hours and what are his plans for dinner??? I know what the answer will be..."whatever you want to cook"
I just want to share a little cartoon my daughter sent to me. You see in my family I get a lot of teasing about my 'hippie' ways and never more so than when I did my Reiki training. Such things as "that woo woo stuff you do" or " what is it supposed to do" but they do line up for the hands on treatment when they have a headache or a cold or sore back. Lol! Especially my other half.
I take it all in my stride with a smile and I have to admit this little cartoon did make me laugh.....
My husband just advised me he had 3 different kinds of rakes downstairs...very funny!
Blessings Michelle xx


  1. lol,how funny Michelle,lovely and funny post.xx

  2. always fun to meet up with the girls... happy raking????

  3. Funny other half - its good to get to that stage where you are not constantly keeping an eye out for children.

  4. Hi funny kindred spirit - surprise surprise, I love a good vanilla slice too.

  5. Better make sure you pick up a rake and nothing more! Sounds like a great day out! :)

  6. I used to do lunch with friends once a month and we'd always pick a different place. We discovered some great haunts.

    Laughing my butt off about your husband!

  7. Lol, that is tooo funny! Have a wonderful time with your girls!! Hi Michelle, stopping by to say hello since I have a little time! Hugs,

  8. Thanks for the smile , that is a cute cartoon , wish you were handy I could use some Reiki magic :-)

  9. Hi Michelle,thanks for giving us a lovely reason to smile. We have a Vietnamese Bakery in Briar Hill, they make the best Vanllla Slices, wish I could send you one.Hugs from Rosalie.

  10. What fun to have lunch regularly with gal pals.

  11. How fun to get out and enjoy your friends and explore, and I know what you mean about missing your camera - mine goes everywhere now, lol. Cute cartoon!

  12. your applique blocks are just so beautiful!
    So that's what Reiki is all about? hehe


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