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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Tuesday's Treasure with Melody

Good Morning All. I thought as how yesterday I went completely over the top with photos perhaps I shall keep it to a minimum today. Being Tuesday it's time to share a Treasure and to link up to Melody's  blog, our lovely hostess.
As you all know I love animals, words and art and I know I have an over active sense of humour and when all these things come together it is real 'treasure' for me. So today I am sharing my love of the amazing artwork of Jane Seabrook called "Furry Logic".Jane is an incredible artist from New Zealand. All the original paintings are in watercolour with the finest details completed using a tiny sable hair brush with just one single hair. These gorgeous animals are accompanied by very humorous and witty quotes which always brighten my day.
This one is a favourite. Now I bet that one was a big surprise!
"The Pick of Furry Logic" is a desk top flip over and sits near my computer so I see it everyday. There seems to be a page for every mood of mine. Do you have a treasure you wish to share. If so pop over to Melody's and link up and share with us.
Have a great day everyone.
Blessings Michelle x


  1. These books are so cute Michelle.

  2. lovely treasures Michelle.xx

  3. Oh I love these books too Michelle :) There is something about animals that just makes us smile - they are good for our souls.

  4. Those are sweet... I haven't heard or seen them... so I will need to look out.... I'm sure there will be chocolate in heaven... surely.....

  5. Ohh, we have one of those books and we love it. We have had many a chuckle looking through the pages.

  6. Love your Tuesday's Treasure, very cute book.

  7. She looks like an amazing artist!!!!

  8. What a fabulous treasure this week. Thanks so much for sharing.


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