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Monday, May 14, 2012

Cookies & Cream Craft Christmas Club

Firstly I hope all the Mum's out there were throughly spoiled yesterday as was later.
Well I am very excited to tell you that Cookies& Cream Craft Christmas Club is back for 2012.
If you click on this logo on my sidebar it will take you over to Sandy's where you can sign up. I had wonderful feedback from last year telling me that so many of you enjoyed it.
This year we have the following designers contributing a special pattern just for the club - 
Gail Pan Designs, Lenora Jenkins Designs, Natalie Ross in Stitches, Lisa Cantlay of Fig n Berry Creations and Myself. I have already been very hard at work and thought I would tease you with a little sneak peak.
Hmmm! Why don't you pop over to Sandy's and read all about. If you are really good I may give you another peek in later's cute I can tell you that!

Yesterday I came home to find this at my front door.

And on the inside was this.
Gorgeous sunshiney yellow tulips (which have since opened), Chocolates and a beautiful box and you know how I love a pretty box. I think I must have been one of those babies who loved the wrapping as much as the present. But wait! Inside the pretty box was this gorgeous rosey teacup set. This was the work of my DD and her family. 
I was thoroughly spoilt because DD and family and DS and family arrived and I now have a very cute dressing gown, Jim Jams and a very gorgeous chokkie rose.
The icing on the cake (cupcakes to be exact) was that my lovely daughter and daughter-in-law bought fresh scones with jam and cream and chocolate cupcakes for afternoon tea. I told you was very spoilt.
One of the best parts was watching my two cute little Grandsons enjoying their cupcakes. I shall have photos of them later. It was a very special day and I loved every moment of us all being together. Well!
I am off to have a nice coffee and a nap would be nice after my Yoga class today. Helen guided us through a beautiful meditation and relaxation so I am all bendy and relaxed now.
I hope you are all having a lovely day.
Blessings Michelle xx
PS Don't forget to get jingling over to Sandy's.


  1. How gorgeous are those children of yours,what wonderful gifts Michelle a lot of thought has gone into them,you are very lucky.xx

  2. You were certainly spoilt Michelle. I love scones with jam and cream too! mmmmm yummy!

  3. YOu were so spoilt... fantastic.. now you are so well rested I hope you enjoy the rest of the day....

  4. It's days like that... that you LoVe being a Mother and getting a little spoilt! Delightful!!!! :)

  5. What a lovely mothers day you had Michelle. I too was thoroughly spoilt by my 2 gorgeous girls and my two little granddaughters. Thankyou for the sneaky peak of your Christmas project for the Cookies and Cream Xmas club - have been over to Sandys and signed up

  6. It seems as if you had a thoroughly marvellous Mothers Day Michelle !


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