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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Tea & Talk at My Place.

I have had a lovely day today catching up with my friends for Tea and  a stitching day at my house. 
I had such a great time chatting and catching up that I forgot to take any photos.....however and you knew there would be a however, I did take some photos of some baking I did because I wanted proof that I do actually bake sometimes. I do use the term loosely and the baking does not resemble anything on Masterchef. I managed to get flour in and on places best not discussed plus I blew up my 40 year old hand mixer which I am very sad about as it was a real trouper and put up with a lot. I had grave doubts there would be anything worth eating but I have it on good authority that all tasted very nice. "The Evidence"
Strawberry jam and coconut slice. My Mum is an expert in making this slice.
Norwegian Apple Cake hot from the oven. Note: Apple & Cinnamon decoration on top. Let me tell you I was wishing the Norwegian responsible would come over and make it cook in the middle for me. No 1 Husband was very tired of the angst over what it would taste like.
I also managed a 'one bowl slice' which even I never muck up. No photo as it tastes much better than it looks. No sewing photos as I talked way too much.
Thanks girls for a lovely day. 
Blessings Michelle xxx


  1. Your baking looks delicious :) I had a little laugh about your poor mixer having to "put up with a lot" . I once overworked my old mixer to the point where not only it blew up....but so did our switchboard! I was not popular that day...especially as there was no baking as a consolation prize!

  2. Your baking looks delicious Michelle. Always lovely to spend the day with friends. Sorry about your mixer... 40 years, though, was exceptional loyalty! xx

  3. what a lovely post,so glad you had an enjoyable day.Yummy with all that baking.How good is your mixer that it lasted 40yrs,thats virtually unheard your tea pot and cup Michelle,Namaste,xx

  4. It all looks yummy. Oh well, you'll just have to go buy another mixer. Beat it won't last 40 years though. That's amazing! Hugs, Christine

  5. What a pretty set! Just perfect for those yummy temptations you cooked! The apple cake looks delicious!!!!!
    :( cause I couldn't have any!

  6. Oh.. poor trusty mixer.. it has served you well.... your baking looks very yummy.... glad you had a fun day...

  7. Mmmm yo quiero tomar té y comer esa delicia.


  8. I've had nothing to eat yet today but I just gained a few pounds looking at your pics, lol...everything looks so yummy! Beautiful teapot and cup.

  9. Jam slice is one of my all time faves. I have one of my Nanna's old cook books and it has lots of old fashioned but fabulous recipes in it like that.

    RIP mixer.

  10. Love the set! What yummy baked goodies! It must have been a lovely time spent with friends! Thanks for sharing that special time with us! Hugs

  11. Nothing beats a stitching day with friends. The cake and slice look soooooo delicious!


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