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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Block 6 Finished!

I know I have said it before but I feel like Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz " I don't think we're in Kansas any more Toto" That's just how I feel " I don't think I am in Sunny Queensland anymore"
Hubby was surprised to find me curled up in my chair on Friday afternoon with this ablaze....
In April mind you! I was freezing. They even said it was some kind of record for the coldest April day for so many years. Still I was soon nice and toasty and apart from venturing out to vote in our local election and getting soaked I have spent a lot of time here and I managed to finish stitching Baltimore Block no 6 so it wasn't all bad.
I have started Block 7 so I am over the halfway mark...woohoo! I didn't photograph it as four stalks and one leaf do not an exciting photo make. But hopefully I shall have some progress to show you tomorrow. It is really helping to keep me going being able to show you my progress. Thank you all for your lovely comment and encouragement to keep at it.
Well time for coffee and a biccie. The big game hunter I am married too has just come upstairs after seeing a very nasty toad into the next world as we didn't want our doggie neighbour to chase it and get sick.
On that note I shall leave you all in peace and get back to Block 7
Blessings Michelle x


  1. your block looks fantastic! Love it, great going too.
    I think your sunny weather has come to Victoria. It is a bit fresh but the sun is shining!
    Happy stitching.

  2. Block 6 is just gorgeous! Better stay in front of the fire if you can produce things like this!!!
    Absolutely LoVe it! :)

  3. its coming along beautifully Michelle,this will be one stunning quilt when finished.xx

  4. Your block is beautiful and your fire looks very inviting and toasty!

  5. Thank you for sharing your progress..... wow the blocks look fantastic

  6. Love the block... just lovely and full of texture.... chilly here too - good stitchin' weather...

  7. Your block is beautiful. It's bad in France too, never known so much rain in April, it's so cold and miserable. I'll just have to sew all day again :-) Hugs xx

  8. Well Done on your Beautiful Block.
    It's not even Winter...What The!!lol

  9. It was cool for a bit - now just dark and wet! Oh well that is why we have those special lights and comfy chairs (and music or TV??) Great progre4ss - it will be finished in no time at this rate.

  10. G'day Michelle. Doesn't that fire look inviting? It's funny weather we are having. It's been lovely here the last few days. I think Marina is right, your weather has come down to Victoria. That block looks fabulous. Well done. Take care. Liz...

  11. What is happening with this sudden blast of Winter all over the country. That fire looks very inviting. Perfect place to be while you are sewing that gorgeous block.

  12. I love sitting in front of a fire. Your quilt is going to be very very special.

  13. Your block is beautiful. I have only attempted applique in a very minor way so am in awe of your workmanship. Our April is setting records for cold too as it is supposed to be spring here and we still have snow on the ground.

  14. Michelle your block is beautiful. Oh and your fire looks so yummy. So glad you are keeping warm.

  15. WOW! There's so much work in that block Michelle. It's wonderful.

    It's been cold here too. The heater is going on in the evenings and I think autumn has actually kicked in!

  16. Hello Michelle,

    I can't believe you have had the fire on. We cleaned ours a few weeks ago but haven't had that kind of weather yet, back to the 30's later on this week. Your block looks so lovely I am sure the other one you are working on has blossomed.

    happy days.

  17. That fire looks so cozy, Michelle, what a lovely place to be. Oh my goodness that block is just much work! Glad the big game hunter is on the job.

  18. Your roses are just gorgeous in this block xxx


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