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Thursday, April 26, 2012

I am making Progress Baltimore Style

Good Morning all!
Little friend I encountered on a walk at Springbrook Queenland sometime ago.
It is such a beautiful morning here. Lovely blue skies, sun shining and light cool breeze. Perfect!
I am so pleased to say I have finished block 5 of my Baltimore.
And now I am working on block 6 and if I allow myself some excitement that will mean after this block I am half way there.....worth focusing on I think. I am glad I chose this block next because it looks simple enough
but has lots of little pieces and if I had done it later it may have done me in. I am however enjoying stitching them and it has gone a long way reminding me just how much I love needleturn applique.
There is one of these rose & ribbon groups in each corner. It will be pretty when it's done. 

Seeing as how I was a very good little 'domestic goddess' this morning and took all my cranberry & white china off my dresser along with lots of other china that lives here and washed it all and put it back all sparkly  and new I am going to now take myself off to my chair and do a little more on the rose & ribbon block with a nice cuppa and a Tim Tam of course...they are so great for the creative juices (my story and I am sticking to it)
Wishing you a wonderful day,
Blessings Michelle xx


  1. Keep up the good work! It's going to be awesome!!!

  2. beautiful quilt blocks Michelle i am looking forward to seeing it finished and boy love that crockery.xx

  3. Your block is beautiful Michelle. It is going to be such a wonderful quilt.

  4. Gorgeous china and Baltimore block. Can't wait to see all the blocks together, it's going to be a stunner. xo

  5. just lovely blocks... now I'm asking you about your time for sleeping? I love the rose especially - got such a great 3D look.... don't get chocolate on your fabric!

  6. well done!
    they are such pretty blocks, glad you have decided to keep going.
    MMmmm tim tams.

  7. I saw a wallaby just this morning on my walk - we don't usually see them in the morning,just the afternoons.( and we live only 10 k's from the city)
    The quilt is going to be beautiful, will look forward to seeing it when it is all done, maybe even in person.

  8. Oh Michelle your baltimore block is gawjus, I love your flower ;o)!!!
    Your china looks so pretty ... maybe I should give mine a bit of attention too after seeing how lovely yours looks :o).
    Joy :o)

  9. Your baltimore blocks are so lovely, inspirational..hugs

  10. Your blocks are looking lovely and all the sparkly china is gorgeous.


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