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Monday, April 23, 2012

The Weekend that Was

As there was so much sport on this weekend I decided to take the Goanna by the pointy sharp end and continue on with my 'discovered' old applique blocks. I tried to ignore them but I just can't do it. I really did enjoy the stitching I did on this block. The challenge for me has been some of the fabric I really liked back then but ...hhmm not as much now. I have to use them as they are mostly the greens for the stems and other key fabrics which are featured in the other blocks. At least it will have that 'olde' look about it. lol. I have introduced some newer fabrics and I do think it will be ok in the end.
 This block and my booty of lovely picture books from my visit to the library kept me entertained quite nicely. Do you ever do that? Just take out a whole host of yummy coffee table books and pour over them. I have quite a little pile of novels waiting to be read at the moment but I just really felt like a trip to book heaven and something gorgeous to look at. Maybe it is a leftover from childhood. I love beauitful photography (shame I don't know how it's done!!!)
Enjoy your brand new week everyone. If I can actually see through this very foggy morning I am venturing out to my Yoga class.
Blessings Michelle xx


  1. Pretty stitchery.... you will feel good once you have done some of these ones that have been waiting... Our tastes do change over the years...and the styles.. but I think the specialness of hand made will not change....

  2. It will look fab when you are finished it. Have fun at yoga and have a wonderful week.

    Hugs - Fee X

  3. Your block looks fab Michelle. Have fun at yoga. Hugs,

  4. cute stitchery Michelle,i do the same but with my mags,have fun at yoga .Namaste Michelle.xx

  5. Michelle your stitching is beautiful. Have fun a yoga.

  6. Hello Michelle,

    Great work on the block,our tastes do change but that is a good thing. Hope you enjoy the Yoga session. I am of to the library today, I have been on the net and looked at the online catalogue for some new books. In WA we can order books from other libraries so it is very enticing.

    Happy days.

  7. Lovely block, I think the end result will be very pretty.

  8. The block looks lovely. I love looking through coffee table books but don't seem to ever find the time these days.
    It's sunny here today, no fog!

  9. It was foggy here too! The quilt is gorgeous but I know how you feel - if you started it now it would be oh so different?? I am in the same boat - finishing something that I am not in love with anymore! Keep at it - but also enjoy some distraction with books.

  10. The weather here stinks thins week (not as in stinking hot - it's so cold and dreary )

    I like the appliqué stitchery Michelle but I totally hear you about finishing things you're not in love with anymore. I push myself to do it but Im usually grudging about it!


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