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Friday, April 13, 2012

Favourite things Friday with Shay.

While thinking about FTF this week I have had trouble deciding what it was. I was going to mention the glorious Autumn weather but then it swiftly departed. I thought I might extoll the virtues of having a loo that flushes without leaking everywhere and beautiful hot water from a new system but then I thought..oh no tacky!! Then I thought the wonderful lunch we had at my Friend Bev's for stitching group where one of our members (the very lovely Lorna) who has moved away arrived for a surprise visit or maybe my Daughter dropping in for a chat, a hot bowl of homemade pumpkin and sweet potato soup or my Husband home again after being away for work (only 2 days mind...what can I say I am a sook). Maybe the pleasure of seeing all my orchids in flower once again.
Or being able to curl up in my favourite chair with a coffee in my favourite cup with a piece of chocolate slowly and deliciously melting in my mouth and do some stitching or absorb these gorgeous magazines

that my lovely friend Sandra is kind enough to save for me and share....or my eldest Grand boy telling me all about butterflies and bees and how next to "him" I am the 'boss' of everyone. LOL! All the lovely comments from my blogging friends. My old blue soft dressing gown out from the cupboard for these lovely cooler mornings. Yummy hot porridge with Aussie honey drizzled on top.
This week has had a myriad of small moments of  simple joys all as wonderful as the next but easily overlooked and sometimes I think we just let them all run together without acknowledging them as the little miracles that they truly are.
So my Favourite this Friday is so beautifully expressed by Mo of Rose Petals from Heaven and that is to..

I am off to link up with SHAY to see what 'favourites' she has in store for us this week.
I wish you all a great weekend.
"If you see special in the ordinary your life will be far from ordinary" - M.R.
Michelle xx


  1. so true,sometimes we forget to be thankful for the little things,lovely post Michelle.

  2. A gorgeous post and so very true. It is the little things that make your day.

  3. Beautifully written, Michelle. The joys are in the simple little things around us.

  4. so many lovely things to make every day a favourite for us...

  5. It's those small moments that make life so spectacular - we may only get to the mountain top once in awhile, but the journey in the valley and in the foothills is no less lovely!

  6. All those little moments add up to a beautiful day. Tracee xx

  7. It's good to savour the beauty in the everyday of our lives.
    Have you decided what to do with your lovely rediscovered blocks?
    Hope you have a lovely weekend

  8. Hey Michelle! Yep ... those little 'every day' things are the moments that make life special and we do forget to fully appreciate them so often. Glad you have so many 'every day' treasures to savour this week! :0) I'm looking forward to a surprise visit by my parents tomorrow for the weekend ... apart from having to tidy the house first! Tee! Hee! Hee! Happy Weekend - Bear Hugs! KRIS

  9. Great bunch of favorites! I especially like that you're the second boss.

  10. I loved your post Michelle, you shared your favourite things beautifully. I love all those simple homely things too!

  11. Hello Michelle,

    Oh you love the same magazines, I borrow them from the library,even got some English ones last week. I love homemade soup. Had to smile this morning while shopping, the lady in front of us went to get something she forgot for her young daughter of about 3 or 4, guess what the child was having a tantrum about because Mum forgot, tinned pumpkin soup. I felt so sorry for that little girl.

    Have a great Sunday Michelle.

  12. I totally agree Michelle . We need to appreciate all those little moments because they are what make life such a blast!

  13. G'day Michelle. Beautiful post, beautiful photos. Take care. Liz...


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