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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Little bit of stitching!

Good morning to you all. I recieved this gorgeous book in the mail yesterday....I have loved William Morris designs since I did my pottery course all those year ago when we touched on design and have been lurking on the fringes wanting to do a quilt with the lovely fabrics that are around and so I finally gave in and bought this beautiful I have to decide what to make!! Every page is a delight.
I have been doing some more swap stitching and have a couple of sneaky peeks.
and  I am presently enjoying stitching this little number......seems like it is Christmas all year these days. No you don't need to remind me that I said I was over had to know that would only last a wee while after all "Christmas" is my thing!
Well I am off to get some food in this house and to audition a new Doctor. I am starting to get a complex every time I find a nice new lady doctor they decide they want to be in another it me do you think?
Hope you have a wonderful day,
Blesssings Michelle x


  1. Good Luck with your new doctor - good ones ARE hard to find! Lovely (as usual) stitcheries.

  2. how funny... I was just looking at william morris pictures and thinking how lovely they are... will be wonderful to see what you make from that... lovely stitcheries for your swaps...
    Good luck with the Dr... they do move around a lot don't they.... gone are the days with the family doctor who stayed for ever...

  3. I love William Morris too and I can just imagine how gorgeous this book is. Your stitching is lovely. I have the same problem here with lady doctors. It's putting me off going to the doctors at all Good luck xx

  4. That looks like a great book, Michelle. Your stitching looks so wonderful! Never enough Christmas. I hope this doctor works out for you, and stays in town!

  5. Lovely sneak peeks Michelle i love xmas also,good luck with your new doctor.xx

  6. Your stitcheries look beautiful, I love the look of Christmas all year round too. Hope the auditioning went well.

  7. Like the look of your stitcheries. I don't think it is ever too early to start Christmas projects as I always run out of time every year. I know what you mean about lady doctors, I am on my 4th one. Hope this one stays for a while. Hugs.....

  8. The stitching looks very pretty Michelle and at least you will be ahead of the game.

  9. Beautiful stitcheries and your new book looks great , can't wait to see what you create .Good luck with the new doctor , it is the same here , the good ones always move on :-(
    hugs Sheila

  10. Your stitching looks great and I can see you thoroughly enjoying your lovely new book.
    Good luck with your new doctor!

  11. Beautiful stitching and what a gorgeous book. Lucky you.

  12. I feel the same way about hairdressers. Every time I find one who is brilliant they leave me! Surely my hair isnt that much of a challenge?


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