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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Horns of a Dilemma! & Teddy Bears Picnic.

Do you sometimes wonder if you have some sort of severe memory loss when it comes to projects you have begun and forgotten about or is it just that I am becoming a woman "of a certain age". I don't mean UFO's because the fact that you know them as such kind of indicates you remember you have them. Today I was doing a whole lot of this.
Along with some tidying up and putting away. We have an ever growing pile of necessaries downstairs in containers for our trip and while I was adding to the stash I came upon a container and inside were these...
Four 16 1/2 inches squares of completed Baltimore style applique blocks with 8 more beneath them all marked out ready to go. I had completely forgotten I had started this quilt and I can't remember when I started these blocks! All the fabrics are there with it as well. I swear 'Loopy' is my alias. Now my dilemma I sew these four together add some borders and call it quits or do I embark on trying to finish the other 8 one of which is a big house and another is the bias basket full of blooms. I can tell you I am feeling pretty whimpy right about now but it would be so lovely finished. Arrgghh!
What's a girl to do??? See what happens when you do housework it's not good for you I tell you!
I almost forgot it is time for another picnic with all the other bears and dollies over at MELODY'S and boy am I in trouble because it was my little bear "Grumpy's" turn to go on the picnic and I nearly forgot. He is all ready with his warm rug, a crunchy apple and some cookies....he says everyone's over chocolate! I made Grumpy from mohair and I have no idea which pattern he was. No matter how I tried he refused to give up his grumpy little face when I was making him so "Grumpy" he is. I think he is very cute all the same. I hope we are not too late to the picnic.

See you for Friday Favs tomorrow.
Blessings Michelle xx


  1. lol,it happens to all of us i think so you are not alone,but gee it is beautiful,i would do the other 8 blocks,it could be a long term project for you,lol,if you dont forget about it again.

  2. Michelle I don't just have severe memory loss with projects .... I have it with everything!!! When I am trying to tell my husband something that has happened somewhere and I can't remember the name of the town etc, and I keep saying to him "oh you know" and he keeps saying "no I dont" it's definitely an age thing with me.... and it so annoying LOL. I think I would be inclined to do a wall hanging with 4 blocks, then if later I did more blocks make them into something else...table runner maybe, or wall hanging for another room or as a gift. Hugs

  3. I had a witty comment to write... but I have forgotten what it was!!! The baltimore is lovely and you love needleturn so definitely finish it off, especially as it is drawn out and you have all the fabrics there... will be a good travel project?? Hope Grumpy is feeling happier.. probably doesn't like the chill in the air...

  4. Oh what beautiful work! You obviously have waaay too much storage to put something like that away and forget it!!!I say finish it... you can't be in that much of a hurry so, who cares how long it takes.

  5. What a fabulous find. I really like Suunybec's idea. Use what you have finished now and finish the rest later when you feel inclined.
    It's funny how each little bear takes on its own personality. Sometimes I'd be making a bear and I wanted it to be a girl but it insisted on being a boy. I think Grumpy is really really sweet.
    Over chocolate - never!

  6. Your little grumpy is very cute - he sure looks like he is ready to escape the picnic basket and play.
    Lovely find - just proves that which is old is new again.

  7. Good luck making a decision with the blocks. It's hard to go back to an old project when so many new ones call out to you!
    Grumpy does look gorgeous. Bet he's a real softy on the inside.

  8. I am sending you a bucket full of sympathy - I ahev a similar dilemma - though I hadnt forgotten about mine. I started a 16 blcok Baltimre in 1990 (shame Susan) and I have dug it out a few times. I have 7 blocks done and to make it a decent configuratuon - I really need 9 and that means one more very detailed block and another more simple one. So - do I work on that - and probably nothing else - or do I just leave it in the UFO pile??? until I find time?? The blocks are looking lovely - so we will wait and see what you decide.

  9. Your Baltimore Blocks are Lovely I would be going the short cut and sewing the 4 to make a quilt and tackle the rest later when the Mood Strikes...LOL.
    Grumpy is so Cute!

  10. Oh My Gawd they are just gorgeous Michelle... I would say finish them as it would be a magnificent quilt once finished xxx


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