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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Tuesday's Treasure with Melody

Tuesday's well and truly here and it's time to share another Treasure and link up to MELODY'S lovely blog to see what everyone is sharing.
My treasure today is full of lovely memories of a gorgeous lady who was my first friendly face when I joined Beenleigh Quilters many, many moons ago. She was 70 something way back then and sadly passed away last year. We became steadfast friends and she was a real lady with a great sense of humour. I used to collect her every Tuesday and we would drive down together. Sometimes she would ask me to pop in for a cuppa too. On one such 'cuppa' occassion she had this little tray with bikkies for us to share. Much to my delight I discovered it was full of Tim Tams (and you know how I hate them). The wonderful thing about this little tray was that it neatley held a full tray of Tim Tams. I just loved it and always commented on 'my' Tim Tam tray. Many years later for my birthday she gave it to me telling me It's not worth much but I know you'll love it for your Tim Tams.....and I do when they last long enough to make it to the tray.
Now of course I do take them out of their packet when I serve them up to visitors...but if I had opened them to show you it would have been 'all over red rover' and that packet would have been history! I think it is so neat that it takes a whole tray and that Darling Win is there each time the Tim Tams come out. She was the sweetest of ladies.
Today I have been out zipping about doing some errands like finally getting my check up for my eyes ( wow maybe my stitching will be a lot better with new specs) but amongst it all I was able to meet MAREE for a  cuppa and a catch up and a bit of this....

Which is always a very nice way to spend some time.
I hope your day is being spent in away that makes you smile.
Michelle xx


  1. A really delightful TT today. I'm very partial to a tim tam myself

  2. Oh Michelle what a lovely story,very special.xx

  3. what a great way to remember someone special... I hope you eat your tim tams properly... corners cut and dunked and sucked.... lovely to spend time with Maree.. now what new tricks did you gals come up with...

  4. What a lovely story. The tray is truly a treasure for the story alone... but Win sounds like she was a treasure too! :)

  5. What a beautiful little tray & really worth more than words can say. The fact it holds the Tim Tams so nicely is an added bonus. Tracee xx

  6. Lovely post Michelle. The "tim tam" tray is just beautiful and such a treasure. xx

  7. I may just have to move to Australia to try out those Tim Tams ;-) Lovely story , your friend sounded very special and how nice you have this beautiful tray to remind you of her . Hugs Sheila

  8. I'm sure that tray is a very special piece for you. Lets hope they never change the size of the packet (though if they do it will get smaller thats for sure!)

    Sheila - if you read this = I would send you a packet!!

  9. I really enjoyed this treasure Michelle because it has so much meaning for you. It really is a beautiful piece in every way.

    I knew exactly why you hadn't opened that packet of Tim Tams before I even read it !

  10. What a very heartfelt treasure indeed, Michelle...and a lovely way to remember a good friend.

  11. What a lovely way to remember such a special lady.


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