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Monday, April 2, 2012

Easter Winner and Back to the Shop

If I was a follower of fashions and trends I'd have in my hot little hands now enough beauitful fabric to be able to happily finish the applique quilt I have embarked on.....but as I am not and love the 'random' coming together of different fabrics I have to hop in the car and go back to the shop and try and find something that looks as nice as the mocha "Portabello Markets Paisley" that I bought just for my applique urn and one tiny border. Apparently it's old stock and there is no more and I have spent half the weekend trying to sorce some more. How did I know it would look so lovely that nothing else would do *sigh*. I love how the applique has turned out and I actually got the setting corners right (ok I had help on how from my friend Cathy).
What do you think.....somehow the hexies that started all this are somehow going to feature in all this or I may have 2 completely different quilts yet.
Why do my works in progress look like I just unscrewed them from a ball. I am really enjoying doing this as I haven't indulged myself with some needleturn for a long while. Just in case you wondered I still have 3 corners to go.

Now for the WINNER of my manic Easter giveaway that you were all good enough to take part in.
TARNYIA from way across the Nullabor in WA. Congrats to you Tarnyia and I know from past experience it won't get there before Easter. Enjoy your goodies.
Have a wonderful Monday everyone. I am off to the quilt store with fingers crossed xxx and then writing instructions.....lots of instructions!!!!
Blessings Michelle xx


  1. congrats to Tarnyia,what a lovely win for her,well done.Boy i love your quilt it is coming along beautifully Michelle and i love the colours you have chosen.xx

  2. Congrats to your winner! :o) Your applique is turning out beautifully. I hope you have good luck finding the fabric you want.

  3. woohoo for me hahahaha... thanks Michelle for the giveaway... love your applique too xxx

  4. How pretty is that coming up Michelle.... can't wait to see more congrats Tarnyia....

  5. Your applique looks lovely. Good luck finding some suitable fabric.

  6. Congrats to Tarnyia, but I'm sure that chocolate will melt before it gets all the way over to WA.. better send it to me ha ha!!!! LOVE your quilt Michelle, it is really beautiful. Hope you find the perfect fabric to finish it off xx

  7. Congrats to Tarnyia! Oh Michelle your block is just stunning. I hope you find the fabric!

  8. That applique is beautiful - Lovely colours. I hope your search is successful.

  9. Congratulations to the winner. I hope you have had luck in finding some fabric.

  10. Michelle your quilt is just gorgeous - can't wait to see it finished. Wish I could needleturn as beautifully as that. Hope you tracked down just the right fabric. Congratulations to Tarnyia on winning your wonderful giveaway

  11. Congratulations Tarnyia.

    Good luck with the fabric hunt. Perhaps the Easter bunny will smile on you!

  12. Congratulations Tarnyia.. Enjoy your win..

    Love your the applique Michelle..

  13. Congratulations to Tarnyia ! Your project is gorgeous Michelle , you do beautiful applique and your fabrics are so pretty , hope you were successful in finding what you are looking for. Hugs Sheila

  14. Hope you find some more fabric your applique is looking Beautiful..
    Happy Easter...


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