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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Tuesday's Treasure with Melody

I love making cloth dolls although I haven't had time for a wee while. My favourite doll designer would have to be "Debbie Magee" (another very talented Aussie designer) I have so many of Debbie's patterns and have made loads as gifts for friends. My very favourite design that I made for myself is called "Keepsakes" and lives in my bedroom....I love her little cap and she has a gorgeous tulle petticoat under her lacy skirt. Her little pocket book has "keepsakes" embroidered on the front. She is so sweet....I love her to bits.
Before Debbie bought out her unique patterns she used to sell her amazing creations at a Gold Coast market. I am lucky enough to have two of this gorgeous creations I bought on holiday down there. One is a doll with a sweet recycled velvet totebag and lovely teadyed lacy dress. A very pert velvet hat is worn upon her auburn curls (she has no name on her tag so I don't know what she is called) and the other is a sweet trio of country dollies. I love that I have these dolls made by Debbie herself. I am afraid I never got taken over by the minimalist bug and I love to have these handmade things around me....Am I alone? Is anyone else out there like me? Who else thinks these cloth dolls are real treasures??Do other people get strange looks when newcomers visit your home when the spy your dolls?
Anyway I just love them and so my sweet dolls are my treasure this week.
What are you 'treasuring today' visit MELODY and share it with us all.

My "Keepsakes" doll
Debbie's gorgeous creation
Her pedigree hidden under her skirt tied on to her leg.
My little bevy of beauties.
A favourite quote of mine and one I try really hard to live by (note I said TRY).
"Do all the good you can, by all the means you can, in all the ways you can,
at all the places you can, at all the times that you can and
to all the people (and beings) you can, as long as ever you can...."
John Wesley.
Have a great day,
Blessings Michelle


  1. I luv all handmade items....and dollies are a definite favourite! Your dollies are gorgeous....and I believe these handmade treasures, make a house a home.

  2. You are not alone Michelle,there must be many of us out there. I also love cloth dolls,making and collecting them, if i get strange looks it doesn't worry me. My favorite quote is... Growin' old is inevitable... Growin' up is optional! Your dolls are beautiful, as is your home full of gorgeous treasures. cheers R.

  3. Michelle I love your dolls. They are precious.

  4. Beautiful dolls Michelle and an equally beautiful sentiment. Wouldn't the world be a happier place if more people lived by those words. Thank you for sharing your treasures.

  5. Hello Michelle,

    Stunning dolls with lots of style. Love the quote too.
    Happy days.

  6. Those dolls are just beautiful! I do love the minimalist look, but I'm afraid I'll never achieve it, lol - I like my "stuff". That is a GREAT saying!

  7. Those are lovely - and I expect will be (if they are not already) collectible items...
    Great quote....(but not to be said quickly after a glass of wine!)

  8. I love your dollies. There is something very charming about cloth dolls. I have quite a collection myself. Thank you so much for playing along today.

  9. They are all truely gorgeous Michelle, I do particularly LOVE "keepsakes" doll. The trio of dolls looks very similar to a pattern I have, I made the dolls and dress about 5 years ago and they are sitting in my craft room in the "unfinished" section.... There is one difference, my pattern has wings on the dolls made from old doilies, ummmm I could finish them and leave off the wings. I am making two sets, one for me and one for a gift for someone and it is her Birthday in about 6 weeks so I might just finish them off and forget about the wings. Hugs Kaylee

  10. Hi Michelle, I have a soft spot for dolls also, but my favourite is the top doll,Keepsakes,I also love the lace and the heart pocket.

  11. Your dolls are very classy looking. The fabrics are lovely. Nothing wrong with showing them off :)

  12. They are gorgeous dolls.
    Absolutely treasures

  13. these dolls are lovely Michelle i dont have any and after seeing yours i think i might make some,lol.

  14. All your dolls are gorgeous, I think things like that make a house a home!!

  15. I love your dolls Michelle , they are just gorgeous and you are not alone I have dolls around the house but I do think I get a few strange looks now and then but they make me happy so that is all that matters . Love the quote too , really a great one to try to live by .hugs Sheila


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