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Saturday, July 16, 2011

FTF, & Colourful Friday

"Prairie Points"
"Flying Geese"
I know it is no longer Friday, Saturday in fact but I did find a couple of 'triangle items' for ROBYNS colourful Friday challenge which also included some Favourite things as well. My most favourite triangle is a very large "Toblerone" Choccy and I had to have napkins with choccies on them folded guessed it 'triangles'. My next favourite triangle would have to be 'prairie points'....I love them!!! I also found some flying geese which surprised me some what because it means that at some stage I actually successfully did some piecing (who knew?).
"Home we go"
Now even though there are some favoutites amongst those my very Favourite thing for this Friday, 15th July is we picked up our campervan and bought it home......we had a ton of fun (not really) getting it up our driveaway and had to call on our son to come and help. We have had some changes to our home since our previous van and we now have to rethink our options for getting it on to our property. It hasn't dampened our enthusiasm however and we know we will find an easier solution eventually. So My FTF is our "Swannie" I love ya, how I love ya my dear old Swannie! I know I've lost the plot! Don't forget to visit SHAY  for other FTF's


  1. car and van look great Michelle,now you will have to plan a trip away,lol.
    Guess what i have finished my cupcake topper,thankyou for such a lovely design Michelle,have a great weekend

  2. Mmmm Toblerone. :) lol. How exciting that you now have your campervan. Happy Stitching,

  3. You've won me with your Toblerone triangles!

  4. Oooh I love all those triangles..... I will have to give prairie points a go... is that your Christmas hanger?... I traced mine out last night.
    and I'm not going to congratulate you on your van because I am so jealous I have turned GREEN....

  5. Love your new van... there's nothing hubby and I like better than to hook up ours and take off! Oh what adventures you will have! EnJoY!

  6. Yummy chocolate triangles!! I also love your bells on the prairie points.
    And, how fun you got a new camper. Your are going to have a lot of FUN!!!

  7. hope you get lots of good camping in ..

  8. Hi Michelle :D
    Fun to see you triangles too..and even choccy!
    Clever girl!
    Oh yes Geese...fabulous! Our quilts are great for triangles aren't they?
    Have fun in your new van... Caravanning is such fun. Enjoy xx

  9. How did I forget about Toblerone chocolates? Of course they are perfect triangles!!! Love it.
    Your prairie points are just gorgeous and I think the flying geese are great, too!
    Congratulations on the new campervan. Think of all the wonderful trips you can now plan. Fantastic!!

  10. The chocolate is the most perfect triangle.
    Perfect favourite in the new campervan - lots of new adventures to be had!
    Enjoy Sunday

  11. Nice blog and I enjoyed my visit with you.

  12. Totally loving the Toblerone photograph. The quilt looks gorgeous. Good luck with the new campervan.

  13. Chocolate wins me over any day!
    Good luck with the van and thanks for visiting my blog.

  14. What fun your going to have in the campervan. Trish

  15. Just so you dont feel bad..Im commenting on SUNDAY!

    What an exciting day you had picking up your van. Happy trails to you!

    Im kinda liking the idea of that chocolate...

  16. Hello Michelle,

    Glad to see you got your van. Nothing like having some Toblerone to get some triangles for Colourful Friday. Have a great Sunday afternoon.
    Happy days.

  17. Such pretties on your blog today - oh I love that camper, can't wait to see where you go!

  18. Love toblerone too , and praire points are so cute and quite easy to make so give it a go and oh the camper , well I am a wee bit jealous too , sure would love to own that .Enjoy!

  19. Oooh Toblerone, such a clever and delicious triangle choice.

  20. you haven't lost the plot... you are just happy about your van and so you should be. Safe holidaying! Love Toblerone.

  21. I love all your triangles too ... the prairie points and flying geese are beautiful.


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