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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Thursday's Teddy Bears Picnic with Melody

It's Thursday and time for the teddies to have their picnic and I hope they can find a sunny spot out of the wind. Today "Tilly" wants to come and as she sits on top of the teapot she will keep nice and warm today. I don't know who made "Tilly" I bought her at a Country craft show in a little town called Gatton here in South East Queensland. She didn't have any makers tags on her. I think she is so cute and she is only a tiny thing too. I also have a favourite plate to share which I am sure all you fellow 'arctophiles' who are stitchers out there would have or have seen. It's from Franklin Mint and it's called "Friends are Fur-ever" and the artist is
Sue Willis. I love this little plate with the teddies busy sorting threads and stitching. What could be better, stitching with a friend.
Fur Friends
Visit MELODY'S  lovely blog to see who else has braved the weather to come on the picnic.

I was visiting MO of Rosepetals from Heaven gorgeous blog and found this beautiful graphic of ballet shoes and I just had to share it. My daughter danced from when she was 4 years old until she was 21 years old....even landing a season  (2 Weeks) with the "Queensland Ballet Company" in her final year at University. She was a beautiful dancer and I know all 'ballet' mums say that but she was absolutely lovely and it gave me such pleasure to watch her on stage.
So for all you 'old' ballet dancers out there and all the Mums who ever darned a pair of 'pointe' shoes this is for you.
Have a lovely day everyone and have a little dance. Go on! No body is watching! It's good for your soul.
Blessings Michelle


  1. Tilly is so cute. I just love to come visit your teddie bears are just precious.

  2. Looks like Tilly has the hot spot today - it certainly is another grey and chilly one here.
    That plate is gorgeous. Lucky you having these pretties in your collection.
    Thanks for sharing.

  3. Tilly is gorgeous and certainly has the hot seat today

  4. Tilly is a cutie pie and your plate is just delightful. So glad they are enjoying their picnic.

  5. Tilly is lovely... the bears are welcome to their picnic today - I shall stay indoors!! My daughter did ballet and at about 5 years she was told she failed her year as she had no 'poise'.... I couldn't believe it - she was the cutest bunny in the pantomine!! Your daughter must've been very good to dance at the level she did - it is easy

  6. i love this post i wish i had done ballet,lol

  7. Tilly is so sweet ... I'd be having cups of tea all day with her around.

  8. Michelle, Tilly is just adorable.. I wonder if you could make a pattern for her!!


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